3 Advantages of Retaining Walls in Your Landscape

landscaping retaining wall

Usually, homeowners may consider their landscaping as an artistically designed arrangement of their property’s trees, plants, and grass. But there are other, non-organic components that serve their purpose, whether functional or aesthetic, such as a retaining wall. A retaining wall benefits your landscape by giving your landscape both structural protection and a pleasant appearance. If […]

Client: The Hamptons

landscaping retaining wall

On Initially meeting the Hamptons in their beautiful new home they just finished remodeling the interior. The exterior landscaping felt far from calling their home a home… The meeting first started off with their expressions and sentiments of not having a green thumb… and not knowing much about landscaping. The present situation had a laundry […]

What Are the Benefits of Permeable Pavers?

permeable paver

Permeable interlocking concrete pavements (PICP), also known as permeable pavers, are a system of stones of various sizes that are layered one over the other. These can be implemented into different types of hardscape installation projects including patios, walkways, and driveways. As it is comprised of multiple stone layers, it’s also seen as an effective […]