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If you’re looking to complete a landscaping project, you might plan to add a garden or flower bed. Mulch is a good addition to any garden, and has a lot of benefits for your yard. Not only can mulch look very beautiful, but it enriches the soil and retains the water and heat that your plants need. Mulch can also cut back on erosion and prevent weeds from growing.

When it’s time to put new mulch in your garden, contact Northern Virginia Landscaping! We are dedicated to helping you create the perfect outdoor space, and we provide expert mulching services in Arlington Va.

Types of Mulch

There are a wide variety of mulch types available. Depending on how you envision your yard’s layout, you might choose one mulch type over another or incorporate multiple types. Common types of mulch include…

  • Shredded hardwood: One of the most classic and widely used types of mulch, shredded hardwood gives your garden a natural and earthy appearance. Shredded hardwood is a durable, long-lasting mulch solution for your yard.
  • Pebble/stone mulch: Filling your garden with pebbles creates a very unique and distinguished look in your yard. This type of mulch absorbs heat during the day and releases it to your plants at night. This can make it easier to grow plants that require more heat than your local climate provides.
  • Straw mulch: Straw mulch is perfect if you are looking to grow and harvest vegetables, herbs, or other plants. It works well to keep in moisture and ensure that your plants get all the water they need.
  • Wood chips: Wood chips can be used in a variety of ways. Like straw, they hold moisture very well, making this mulch type an excellent choice for your garden if you want healthy, thriving plants. Alternatively, wood chips are often used on playgrounds. You can lay wood chips beneath your yard’s playset for a classic appearance and a soft padding.
  • Cocoa mulch: Cocoa mulch is a unique option made from the shell of cocoa beans. This mulch is a beautiful rich brown color and releases the aroma of chocolate for the first few days after being planted. Keep in mind, however, that as this type of mulch contains caffeine, it can seriously harm dogs and other animals who ingest it.

Mulch Installation

Northern Virginia Landscaping provides expert and professional mulching services in Arlington Va. Whether you want to use straw mulch in your vegetable garden or shredded hardwood as decoration in your yard, we can install the mulch of your choice and make your yard look great. Our professionals have years of experience installing mulch. They are incredibly knowledgeable about all mulch and soil types, and know how to properly install mulch for the best appearance and results the first time.

Why Northern Virginia Landscaping?

We are proud to serve the vibrant Arlington Va area. We are dedicated to Keeping Arlington, Virginia Scenic and we long to bring as much beauty to this urban area as possible. Our customer orientation, attention to detail, and love of what we do make us stand out from other Arlington Va landscape design companies. When you have a landscaping project and want the best results, trust Northern Virginia Landscaping. Contact us at (703) 982-0100 to start your landscaping project today!

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