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Choosing a Patio Size

Your backyard is an outdoor oasis you can use to get away from the craziness of the day and relax. Having a deck or patio makes that relaxation even better, having a special place to go enjoy a book, or

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water garden

Selecting Which Garden is Right For Me

With different gardeners come different styles. With the same plot, each landscape designer will provide their unique talent to style the land with diverse patterns, ornaments, and plants. To be able to determine which garden is right for you, it

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sunlight through trees

Degree Days: Anticipating Your Growing Season

Many of those in a field related to horticulture pay close attention to degree days. These degree days are important because they allow us to anticipate blooming of certain plants, what pests to expect, and can anticipate when a plant

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Save Yourself From These Simple Gardening Mistakes

Certain landscapers in the surrounding area lack knowledge of common core practices and the importance of proper technique. Their company goals since starting may not have been for the right reasons. They will do anything and everything to make some

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Herbal Gardening: Remedies for everyday life

History has shown us a pattern of our dependence on the greener world around us. In my opinion, none have been more influential than our relationship with herbs for our medicinal and culinary purposes. Our earliest accounts of herbal usage

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The Hand of Man

One of our greatest achievements as a species was our mastery of the land. When we were able to start cultivating wheat, we were able to form communities and provide for the masses. This was such an important piece of

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Location, Location, Location

In the horticulture industry, we have a popular phrase that you might have heard of from your landscaper or from the helpful horticulturists at your local nursery; “Right plant, right place.” This isn’t a mantra that we wake up reciting

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Summer Lawn

Tips for Summer Yard Maintenance

Now that we are currently in the dog days of summer, it can be tough to keep your lawn alive. Here are some tips from Northern Virginia Landscaping that will help you not only keep your yard surviving, but thriving.

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