3 Reasons You Need a Dry River Bed


When you consider design options for your landscape, a river bed addition is probably for from the first thing that comes to mind. Nevertheless, dry river beds can provide drainage, erosion control, and irrigation capabilities while also serving as a landscape feature. So, seek a front yard landscaping service to incorporate a dry river bed onto your property.

Northern Virginia Landscaping offers such services in West Falls Church, VA. Indeed, we offer a complete set of services to support our customers’ needs. We customize each design to fit the client’s lifestyle. Furthermore, our team is licensed, certified, and experienced in landscape design. Contact us at (703) 982-0100.

Below, we outline 3 benefits of adding a river bed to your landscape:

Natural Landscape Feature

Composed of plants and rocks in a trench, dry river beds sweep through a landscape. We can construct yours in a straight or S-shape design, whichever fits your landscape. Choose from varying or consistent widths as well as strong or soft edges, then keep everything in place by incorporating 2-6 inch rocks.

Drainage and Erosion Control

A primary purpose of a dry river bed is to channel or collect runoff rainwater. While dry river beds can form naturally in your softscape—such as at the base of a slope or in a depression—these may leave water pooled on your property.

We reinforce naturally occurring river beds by layering them with a water-permeable fabric or a waterproof liner, depending on whether we want the water to move to a drainage deposit or absorb into the ground below. Either way, we also place rocks on the liner to stabilize the riverbed and provide erosion control for your landscape.


Dry river beds can also supplement environmentally conscious gardens through irrigation. Rather than using municipal water to irrigate your landscape, leverage your dry river bed to collect rainwater or runoff for distribution to nearby plants. Moreover, the layered rocks prevent the area from becoming soggy while retaining water for later use.

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