3 Sustainable Landscaping Resolutions for 2022

Like many homeowners, you may think about how your landscaping practices impact the local environment. Believe it or not, the difference between unsound practices and professional, sustainable landscaping comes down to a few good choices regarding materials and methods. Specifically, professionals suggest planting native plants, conserving rainwater, and using permeable pavers.

Turn to Northern Virginia Landscaping for all such needs. We help homeowners throughout Northern Virginia to maintain the local environment. Our sustainable landscaping amounts to more than a service—it’s one of our priorities. Contact us today about your landscaping needs and how you can practice sustainability.

Below, we go in depth about sustainable landscaping solutions:

Plant Native Plants

Selecting native plants for your landscape comes with several benefits. For instance, you can be confident that these plants will flourish in our climate. Moreover, they can grow with less maintenance than non-native species. They will also support the surrounding environment, and you may notice local wildlife—especially birds—visiting your garden.

However, keep in mind that environmental conditions—like climate, soil type, and local competition—change frequently in even small areas. Plant species that grow well 10 minutes from your home may not do so in your garden. So, you should contact a professional and do some research about native plants in your area.

Conserve Rainwater

Another practice of eco-friendly landscaping is rainwater conservation. Planting low-water, native plants is a good first step, but also incorporate other water-saving techniques like:

  • Planting trees
  • Using mulch and compost in the soil
  • Harvesting rainwater with rain barrels or swales
  • Installing smart irrigation systems or rain sensors
  • Using permeable pavers or gravel

Conserving rainwater helps your landscape maintain its integrity and prevents runoff from carrying pollutants into local water sources.

Use Permeable Pavers

Permeable Application
Source: https://www.arlingtonva.us/

Sustainable landscaping ideas apply to your hardscapes as much as they do to your lawn and garden. In this vein, permeable pavers are a smart investment. Made of either porous materials that allow stormwater to pass through or nonporous blocks that channel water between them, permeable pavers allow rainwater to penetrate back into the subsoil rather than collect on non-permeable surfaces. Eco-friendly hardscapes include:

  • Pea gravel
  • Flagstone, pavers, and brick
  • Pervious concrete or asphalt
  • Open concrete grids
  • Urbanite

Permeable pavers can serve as eco-friendly driveways, patios, and pool decks and don’t come at the expense of beautiful hardscaping.

Northern Virginia Landscaping: Professional Landscaping in Northern VA

Landscaping with sustainability in mind doesn’t have to be a hassle. At Northern Virginia Landscaping, we’ve provided sustainable, professional landscaping for years. Whether it’s planting native plants, conserving rainwater, using permeable pavers, or all of the above, we’re here to help. To learn more, call us at (703) 982-0100 or visit our website and fill out our online form.

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