4 Patio Design Elements to Consider for 2023

It’s a new year, so why not consider a new patio design? Spring is the time to prepare your backyard—restore your patio, plant new trees, or finally install that walkway you’ve always wanted—for hosting guests. Backyard dining, group get-togethers, and BBQs are back and better than ever in a post-Covid world. Hire a patio installation team to design and build a luxurious outdoor space this year.

With Northern Virginia Landscaping, homeowners in Prince William, VA, can create the patio of their dreams. We’re a landscaping company specializing in patio installation, landscape design, drainage, and more. Our team of professionals takes the time to help you plan out your patio to ensure it’s both functional and beautiful. Call (703) 982-0100 to learn more about our recent patio designs.

Below, we showcase 4 patio design elements to consider for 2023:

Blended Patios

Do you want more outdoor living space without total commitment to the outside? Blended patios incorporate some indoor aspects—roofing, closeable windows, and wind and rain protection—without entirely closing in the patio space. Such a setup helps keep out the bugs at dusk so you can enjoy cool evening temperatures.

Additionally, you can place furniture on blended patios without worry about them receiving damage due to the elements and sun exposure. Usually, blended patio flooring calls for materials besides wood, instead using tile made from granite and marble to achieve clean outdoor flooring that you can augment with durable rugs. Enjoy your patio year-round and give your guests something to discuss.

Stone Pathways

Natural stone pathways go hand-in-hand with other popular 2023 themes, especially as they provide a departure from boring, paved cement. Stone pathways leading to your gorgeous patio are sure to keep everyone cozy.

Broken stones, slabs, stone tiles with texture, and natural stone variations remain popular for this purpose. Professionals can build faux-natural trails with bold accents and easy placement for far less expense than a cement pathway requires.

Organic Privacy

Homeowners concerned with privacy and sustainability can now indulge in the best of both worlds: organic privacy. This aesthetic is an excellent way for those living in cities to block out the harsh sounds of cars and people talking while getting a natural escape from it all.

Organic privacy includes trellises or pergolas decorated with layered plants. It also incorporates species like ferns, vines, and bamboo used as screens to block out unwanted attention. Creating a secluded environment away from the chaos of your surrounding area is one of the many benefits of patio installation.

A Patio Installation Company Like No Other in Prince William, VA!

Many homeowners enter the new year buzzing with fresh landscaping ideas they want to implement in their backyards. A certified patio installation company can tackle your project, discuss patio installation benefits, and give you the customer satisfaction and results you deserve. Homeowners in Prince William, VA, can rely on Northern Virginia Landscaping to design and install a gorgeous new patio for their 2023 backyard festivities. Our professionally trained designers are committed to surpassing your expectations and doing everything we can to ensure you’re proud of your finished landscape. To learn more about our patio installation services, contact (703) 982-0100.

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