5 Ideas for Increasing Privacy in Your Yard

It’s a tremendous joy to have a home with an open backyard that isn’t shared on either side with a neighbor. You can create all sorts of softscape arrangements and hardscape constructions without the  fear of encroaching on others’ lawns. Moreover, you’ll enjoy the privacy of an outdoor space that is truly yours, right outside your home.

With just a few changes made through some smart backyard or inventive home garden design, you can easily enjoy the privacy of a relaxing backyard space. Throughout Crystal City and Northern VA, our team at Northern Virginia Landscaping has produced dozens of expertly-crafted landscaping features for numerous homeowners. Our years of experience, dedication, and friendly service has provided us with hundreds of recurring customers.

Below, we discuss a few unique ideas for adding more privacy to your yard:

Build a Living Wall

Living walls are an excellent option for homeowners to create private, verdant spaces within their gardens and backyards. This feature involves constructing tall fences or walls, then installing several vertical planters along them, filled with lush, expansive plants or vines that cover the garden wall.

In addition to making your backyard space more concealed, a living wall also creates a vibrant, refreshing atmosphere. Although, with the benefit comes a limitation: it works best for small backyard spaces, but becomes difficult to build with lengthier yards. One doable option is to create a living wall surrounding a deck or patio.

Stay Covered with Classic Tall Hedges

Unlike a living wall, simple tall hedges can provide coverage for almost any size yard. You can implement hedges in a variety of ways, such as along the sides of your backyard, or enclosing the perimeter of a deck or patio.

Although they may require a large amount of upkeep to maintain a neat appearance, hedges are a timeless and effective means of creating a sense of privacy and a natural outdoor atmosphere.

The downside is that they can get expensive, particularly if you are trying to arrange several lengths of hedges in a large backyard. Fortunately, with a team of experts in landscaping and home garden design, you get a cost-efficient installation of hedges proportionate to your yard.

Install a Raised Terrace With Walls

Finally, if you have an open backyard and would like to carve out a space that is more private, you can build a raised terrace enclosed with a number of walls. This will create a more dynamic atmosphere to your backyard design and bring diversity to the types of spaces available, providing both privacy in one area and exposure in another.

Overall, it’s a nice middle ground for homeowners who want the best of both worlds when it comes to their home garden design or backyard’s aesthetics.

Northern Virginia Landscaping: Home Garden Design in Crystal City, VA

Increasing privacy in your yard is as simple as adding a hardscape feature, planting a set of hedges, or hanging curtains along the edges of a trellis or pergola. However, in order to properly make such additions to your backyard, you should have the assistance of a team of craftsmen skilled in custom home garden design. Northern Virginia Landscaping has helped hundreds of residents in Crystal City, VA build their ideal outdoor spaces by providing professional-quality landscape services including hardscape constructions, softscape arrangements, and more. Contact us at (703) 982-0100 to make an appointment and experience our service for yourself!

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