5 Summer Yard Maintenance Tips


Proper landscape care takes quite a bit of time and effort, but also a fair amount of knowledge. It’s important to know what you can do to ensure that your lawn is pristine and healthy. Northern Virginia Landscaping provides excellent landscape design services throughout Northern Virginia. At Northern Virginia Landscaping, we utilize our knowledge and experience in landscape design to provide our client’s with unbeatable service.

Here are some tips that will improve the health of your yard and make it thrive:

Healthy Soil

A healthy lawn begins with healthy soil, and in order to maintain the health of your soil, it is best to keep your grass at a sufficient height. Tall blades of grass can obtain more sunlight during peak time. This will allow for more nutrients to be produced into the roots and surrounding soil. Taller blades also provide shade for the soil surrounding it, which will allow it to maintain moisture throughout the dry heat of summer days.

Utilize Grass Clippings

The clippings that you produce during your mowing time should be redistributed across the lawn. These clippings will supply the soil with added nutrients and additional shade to promote a healthy lawn.

Water Your Lawn

Hydration is essential to the growth and nutrition of your lawn, it needs at least an inch of water a week. You can use rainwater, but during dry spouts, you’ll need to water it yourself. The key to watering your lawn is to water it as early as possible and not overwater. All watering must be done in the early morning hours so that the soil can absorb all moisture before any sun and or heat has a chance to dry it up.

If you would like an irrigation system or sprinkler head installation, then it will allow your yard to receive the amount of water it needs to stay healthy on a daily basis. Not to mention, it will save you more time as well.

Pick Up Litter

Make sure to pick up any debris, toys, bikes, lawn chairs, trash, or tools that are left on your lawn. This will prevent any potential damage to your yard, as any objects left behind may prevent these areas from receiving the nutrients it needs to stay lush and healthy.

Clean Up After Pets

Animal urine can also cause dead spots on your lawn, its best to flush these areas with water to dilute the urine in the soil. Also, you can train your animals to use mulched or pebbled areas instead.

Landscape Design Services & Irrigation System Installations in Arlington, Virginia

Maintaining a healthy landscape on your property takes a great degree of vigilance and effort. Let the professionals at Northern Virginia Landscaping assist you with your landscape needs. At Northern Virginia Landscaping, we provide personalized landscape design services to our valued clients. We always take our time to ensure our clients’ landscapes are healthy and long-lasting. We have brought out the natural beauty of clients’ yards, resulting in their gratitude and continued reliance on our services.

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