9 Modern Patio Design Features

Whether you live in an old or a new home, you probably want it to look fresh and up-to-date. That’s why we all spend time and money not only painting and cleaning our houses but also planting and pruning our landscapes. So why not combine the benefits of indoors and outdoors by installing a state-of-the-art patio in your  yard?

If you want to beautify your home’s outside space this winter, reach out to Northern Virginia Landscaping. We are more than a landscaping company – we are a full-service landscape team that also offers walkway, driveway, and patio design services. Throughout Falls Church, VA, our clients rave about our professional service and responsible ethos. We pride ourselves on helping commercial and residential customers achieve beautiful outdoor spaces. Trust us to get your project done on time and on budget.

Below, we share some design styles and features that will put your patio ahead of the curve:

Searching for a Patio Design

As with all our services, we believe that patio design calls for more than a cookie-cutter approach. We aim to create a unique outdoor space that supports your lifestyle and habits. In doing so, we hope that it will become a gathering place for your family and friends.

To achieve this, we will start the design process by discussing your goals and plans. Will the patio be a cooking and dining area? Will it complement a pool that’s already there? Is it only for summer use or can we make it a cold-weather patio too?

Along with the patio’s uses, we also review its style details. This conversation can get rather complex: what light fixtures suit the space? How will your home’s outdoor features fit with its interior style? What natural elements can we incorporate?

Modern Patio Features

To begin, let’s look at patio features. This term refers to attractions like a pool, grill, kitchen, dining area, and so on. We should determine patio features early in the design process because they will affect the smaller physical details:

  1. Fire features: A traditional stone fire pit suits almost any space, but why do the same-old, same-old? A fire pit or column looks modern while also making the patio cozy and available for use in the fall and winter.
  2. Lighted walkways: Along with patios, we offer hardscape walkway design and installation. Walkways help create a clean, neutral look that contemporary design calls for, and lighting makes the space safer.
  3. Water features: While everyone loves a pool, other water features offer novel appeal. A backyard pond, stream, or fountain can create a serene atmosphere. The sound of flowing water will help your outdoor space feel like an escape from daily life.
  4. Natural views: If you have a natural landscape around your home (woods, mountains, open fields, etc.), use it to your advantage. What better way to establish a calm atmosphere? Your clean-cut space will nestle into the surrounding environment.
  5. Versatile space: Why limit your patio usage to clear, warm days? Build a pergola, gazebo, or enclosure to create a sheltered space so that you can enjoy rainy days. As long as the structure leaves its walls open, your fire feature can go under it.

Modern Design Stylistics

With patio features in mind, let’s also consider the style of your outdoor space. Contemporary design leans into a minimalist approach, which entails a clean and refined look. You can achieve this using a few principles:

  1. Clear, defined lines: Flooring, walls, and furniture should all keep straight, clean lines. This establishes the minimalist appearance that your features fit within. Plus, organic shapes can work within the “clean” appearance.
  2. Colors and textures: Pay careful attention to these fundamental elements. Minimalist design uses neutral colors, but an accent tone helps to create a sophisticated look. You can also introduce variations with textures on your furnishings, flooring, and more
  3. Use eco-friendly materials: Wood and stone can be clean-cut to fit in minimalist designs with an organic feel. You might also explore the benefits of sustainable hardscapes to reduce your home’s environmental impact.
  4. Use different materials to delineate spaces: With enough room, you could install distinct materials to define particular spaces on your patio. For instance, put stones in the dining area, brick in the barbecue, and concrete around the pool.

Exceptional Patio Design and Landscaping Services Available in Falls Church, VA

While waiting for warm weather to return, work out an invigorating design for your home’s outdoor space. Reach out to Northern Virginia Landscaping and collaborate with us on a professional patio design. Our team aims to provide exceptional service by guiding Falls Church, VA, residents through the details of landscaping. Our employees know the proper techniques to provide customers with outdoor spaces they can be proud of. Call us today at (703) 982-0100 or fill out our online form for more information.

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