Deciding When You Need a Landscape Design


Sometimes having a fresh start is nice, even if it’s just at home. Constantly having to maintain the same landscape might get boring or annoying after a while, so redesigning your landscape or even parts of it can help, and you can have the yard you’ve always wanted.

There are many options when it comes to designing a landscape fit for you, so it can sometimes be tricky and stressful. To make it easier, a professional landscaping company like Northern Virginia Landscaping will help you every step of the way, so you can worry less.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when deciding you need a landscape design:

What will be its function?

A yard can have many functions such as a place to host parties in the summer, a place for the kids to play, a garden you can make your own to beautify your home, and so much more. When you think about designing a landscape consider what you’ll be using it for, so you can base your unique design off of it. Northern Virginia Landscaping can give you advice on what design might be best for you, considering the many functions.

Who’s going to use it?

Along with the function your new yard might have, ask yourself who is going to use it. If you know you will have guests over frequently, you may want a space to have seating or a central gathering area. If you have children, pets, or both, consider leaving a good space for them to play, while also keeping your landscape design looking fresh.

What is the environment and climate like?

Before you even think about where to put what in your yard, consider these points about the general environment, climate, and topography of it.

  • Wind direction
  • Water drainage and flow
  • Sunny and shady spots
  • Control points
  • Soil type and nutrients

Knowing all of these will give you a better understanding of what you can do with your land, so designing a landscape will be easier.

How much maintenance are you willing to do?

Everyone is different when it comes to yard work. Some homeowners love to garden and don’t mind landscaping, and others prefer not to do any. Your yard will need mowing, watering, trimming, and more, plus different areas may need more attention that others. Carefully think if you want to and will be able to keep up with your constantly growing yard. If you still want your dream landscape but don’t want to do the maintaining alone, Northern Virginia Landscaping offers services to help you with that.

Our Services Will Give You the Yard You’ve Always Wanted

Don’t get stressed over your overgrown yard that needs a new design. Northern Virginia Landscaping serves all of the Northern Virginia area to provide fresh landscapes with beautiful and well thought out designs. With our expert designers, you can relax knowing you’re in good hands.

Get ready to show off your landscape by calling us for contacting us online today to start designing!

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