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Most new homeowners settle for the generic driveway provided by their builders or accept the driveway previous homeowners installed. However, if you are not a fan of the bland or crumbling concrete slab and prefer to invest in your property with a stylish driveway and professional finish, contact our team for hardscaping services. We can transform that quotidian utility route into an attractive entryway that provides ideal traction and even increases a property’s value.

Folks in Manassas, VA, can turn to the expert team at Northern Virginia Landscaping for their hardscaping needs. Along with driveways, we offer patio, walkway, steps, and wall installation services to homeowners who want to upgrade their outdoor spaces. Our experienced team prides ourselves with customer service and consists of an arborist, horticulturist, and members with certifications in the following areas: storm water management, paver installation, and retaining wall installation. Learn more about our full-service residential and commercial landscaping options by calling (703) 982-0100 or visiting our website.

Preliminary Considerations

Homeowners have numerous options for their driveway designs, far beyond standard concrete. Of course, their choice depends upon their circumstances, such as neighborhood HOA rules and the ground conditions upon which their driveway will sit. Furthermore, cities and towns often have regulations for driveways. Yet within these limitations, most homeowners still have diverse choices available.

Then, they must consider logistics. Too steep a driveway, for instance, can cause your car to “bottom out”—its bumper, oil pan, or axle collides or scrapes against the driveway’s surface and suffers damage. Steep driveways also become hazardous during winter weather with icy conditions. They may also channel runoff water that overwhelms municipal drainage systems. These conditions lead to flash floods, as water accumulates faster than it can drain from tight streets covered by non-permeable surfaces.

Finally, homeowners should consider the materials available for their driveways. While some folks seem content with simple gravel, paved driveways offer much more durability and aesthetic appeal. Plus, you need not sacrifice drainage capabilities with paving—permeable driveway surfaces are available on request and listed below are the driveway styles we typically install for clients.

Driveway Design Options

Driveway Installation

Before deciding on any driveway design, research the available choices and determine the specs your driveway area requires. Furthermore, contact your driveway installation provider about their available driveway styles. To start, consider some of our most common design choices:

Broom Finish

The broom finish—or “broom technique”—is a step up from a basic utility driveway (plain paved cement) that adds striations to the driveway’s surface. This adjustment increases the driveway’s traction, a handy feature during inclement weather, and works as a design enhancement. It’s a cost-effective approach that details a driveway without a big production.

Smooth Finish Bordering

This approach incorporates ½- or ¾-foot smoothed borders around the broom-finished areas within a concrete driveway. It injects a layer of complexity without breaking homeowners’ budgets. It also mitigates the slip risks common with an all-smooth driveway choice

Exposed Aggregate

This approach first appeared in the 1950s. It involves mixing small rocks with cement and curing them as an integrated surface. The rocks break up the smoothness that otherwise occurs with paved cement and provides fantastic traction. This style also has significant durability and resists the wear and tear that plain cement begins to suffer after a few years of exposure.


The site for the driveway is excavated and properly leveled on top of stable soil. Typically stone or concrete pavers are used and placed on a layer of geotextile fabric, gravel, concrete sand with plastic edge restraints and sand filled joints. Pavers of various colors and types can be sourced to balance and compliment the style and color of your home to make for a welcoming home ambiance.

Permeable Pavers

Permeable interlocking concrete pavers are stones of various sizes placed and layered in a way so that it reduces stormwater runoff and allows water to flow freely through the network of stones. This style is noted for its  increased durability and cold tolerance.

Professional Landscaping Company Available in Manassas, VA!

Given all the factors that go into choosing a home driveway, a professional landscaping company like Northern Virginia Landscaping can help you navigate your options. Our team offers eco-friendly landscaping services in Manassas, VA, that transform our customers’ outdoor spaces into ideal getaways. Focus on the driveway you want for your home and contact Northern VA Landscaping at (703) 982-0100 or visit our website today!

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