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The increased focus on environmental protection and sustainability has produced a new challenge: making our homes’ living spaces greener. Fortunately, landscaping experts have met this challenge and offer new ways to build sustainably in your backyard.

At Northern Virginia Landscaping, we constantly seek to improve our practices and better serve our clients as well as the local environment. Our landscaping professionals have great experience in detailed hardscape design, softscape arrangement, and more. Throughout McLean, VA, our clients are enthusiastic about our innovative and effective approach toward landscaping. We become partners in maintaining the health of their landscapes and the surrounding environment.

Below, we suggest how to  keep your hardscapes both environmentally-friendly and uniquely designed:

Use Greener Construction Materials

The material that your hardscape is built from impacts the surrounding environment more than any other element.

Previously, we discussed ways to improve your landscape and hardscape’s sustainability. We specifically detailed different construction materials that you should use. Here, we will review a bit of that material, but we suggest that you look through our guide for creating sustainable hardscapes.

Here are some materials to create a sustainable hardscape installation:

  • Wood: As an organic and affordable building material, wood is the obvious choice for creating a sustainable hardscape. It’s also biodegradable, so even if it deteriorates due to inclement weather, it would have little effect on the environment.
  • Porous Pavements: Alternatively, you could use porous pavements for your patio or walkway. Usually made from a mixture of recycled asphalt or concrete and other materials, porous pavements provide a solid structure while retaining a porous composition. This allows excess water to trickle through and flow down into the soil, which helps to prevent soil erosion and flooding.
  • Open Grid Pavements: With an attractive and unique appearance, open-grid pavements achieve the same effect as porous pavements. Both allow water to return to the ground, enhancing your landscape’s sustainability. Open grid pavements also serve as resilient surfaces for walkways and patios.

Limit Harmful Chemicals

In addition to using green materials for your hardscapes, you should avoid adopting harmful chemicals for your construction. Such chemicals are usually present in the staining, weather-coating, or paint used for wood or other types of hardscapes.

Certain brands may contain chemical additives that are toxic to the environment. Thus, you should make sure that your chosen stains, weather coats, and paint only include eco-friendly ingredients.

Plant Trees & Native Plants

A final feature to make your hardscapes more eco-friendly will blend them in with the surrounding environment. Adding native plants and trees within and around your hardscapes makes them more attractive and verdant while reducing their impact on the environment.

Planting trees around your hardscape creates a cooling shade and protection from rain and hail, which can wear out hardscapes over time. Native plants also support your landscape’s health and quality since they are a natural part of your region’s ecosystem. They require less water and little to no fertilizer or pesticides to thrive, which reduces your dependence on harmful chemicals and excess water use.

Furthermore, native plants prevent soil erosion and provide a sustainable habitat for local wildlife. Therefore, planting them makes your hardscape a part of your local environment rather than just your outdoor living space.

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Your outdoor hardscape should provide a nice, quaint space to spend time, and it should connect you with your natural setting. At Northern Virginia Landscaping, we strive to balance your needs with those of your landscape to ensure that you get the best out of your outdoor spaces. Our landscaping team can produce high-quality hardscape designs and constructions quickly and efficiently. Over many years, we have completed numerous projects for clients in McLean, VA, and throughout Northern Virginia. They have returned to our service many times because of our talented and friendly service. Contact us at (703) 982-0100 to schedule an appointment and learn more about our hardscape design services.

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