Elements of Excellent Garden Design

Understanding the basic elements that all gardens share is important to creating a functional garden design. These include structural components like large plants, hardscape features, ornamental centerpieces, color design, ambient sound, and contrasting texture. Additionally, you must know how to balance and blend these elements—which calls for further knowledge and experience. For these reasons, many people throughout Clifton, VA, seek professional garden landscaping services from Northern Virginia Landscaping.

Our design and construction services team has helped numerous home and business owners across Northern Virginia produce high-quality landscapes. We build hardscape additions and help arrange beautiful softscapes, all tailored to fit your needs and preferences. We also provide drainage installation services, as well as land grading, to sustain the integrity of your landscape and home.

5 Common Elements That Go Into A Garden Design:

Structural Features

Let’s first consider the structural aspects, which some designers would describe as “the bones” of your garden. These are typically the larger elements that are built around the finer details of your garden—large shrubs and trees, such as evergreens. Alternatively, they can be non-organic elements as well, like decorative stones, ponds, or birdbaths.

Consider placing several structural elements in key positions around your garden. They will act as focal points or centerpieces, drawing attention from one section to another—allowing you to create unique contrasts between each.

Measured Proportions

Another vital element is the measurement and proportion of the plant beds and walkways. A decent garden landscape should have multiple paths for people to move around in. Custom walkways allow people to safely traverse around your landscape, securing their footing.

The pathways should also be wide enough so there is enough room to move around gardening equipment and supplies. Having an adequate amount of space for your plants allows their root systems to grow without constraints, so be mindful of the plants you are placing near each other.

Ambient Sound

Ambient sound is a subtle but significant element to include in one’s garden design as it helps create a soothing atmosphere. It is also another element that must have adequate balance between the previously mentioned aspects as well.

There are many ways to produce sounds that create a relaxing atmosphere. You can install an outdoor sound system that blends into the garden’s appearance, which can then emit recorded nature sounds. Or, more authentically, you can include features like small waterfalls, birdbaths, ponds, or even a bird feeder.

Balanced Color

Among the most important elements in a garden design is the color palette shared between the plants and your hardscape. Putting together a design without considering the arrangement of colors often results in a garden that looks messy and disorganized.

First, think about the colors you don’t want in your garden, particularly those that don’t mesh with your home’s design. That will help you eliminate several plants and leave with a fine selection to choose from.

Then, pick the species with colors that blend and complement each other. Make sure that different sections of your garden host different color palettes, and you’ll easily create an impressive softscape arrangement.

Contrasting Textures

Not only should there be a balance of colors, but also a difference of textures as well. A garden that utilizes the element of texture effectively appears bold and energetic. Differences in texture among your plants bring variety to your garden’s appearance, making it look more organic and lively.

Include native plants, shrubs, ferns, mosses, flowers, and trees and you’ll have an amazing garden to call your own.

Northern Virginia Landscaping: Top Garden Landscaping Service in Clifton, VA

Ensuring that your garden landscape includes these elements will give it a lasting impression and provide you an excellent outdoor space for you to tend to and spend time in. To help assist with the dealings of constructing and arranging your garden properly, call on knowledgeable garden landscaping experts from Northern Virginia Landscaping. Our team of professionals has years of experience in helping clients across Clifton, VA, and Northern Virginia create and build their dream garden landscape. We ensure our process puts customers at the center so that all our work satisfies their needs and expectations. Contact us today at (703) 982-0100 and learn how our services can help you and your landscape.

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