Fall Landscape Checklist

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As the Autumn approaches, make sure that your landscape is prepared. Not only is the season good for carving pumpkins and raking leaves, but it is also the best time for prepping your yard before the winter season. With the top of the earth being cooler than the moist undersoil, it is perfect for strong root development.

For help in tending to your landscape  this Fall, you may want to call the professionals at Northern Virginia Landscaping. We are an experienced home landscaping company located in Arlington, VA, and we provide customers with our knowledge and expertise in year-round landscaping. Below, we provide some tips on prepping your yard during the fall season.

Mow Your Landscape

Before Winter comes, it’s a good idea to mow your yard one more time before the cold weather rolls in. This will affect the health of your grass. If your grass remains long, old and moldy leaves will fall onto onto the upper blades, which can spread and cause diseases throughout the grass covering your yard.

Remove Dead Leaves

The best way to remove leaves from your yard is by using a leaf blower and then placing the leaves into a plastic tarp. You could also use a plastic bucket or a simple chicken pen to store the leaves. Make sure to check your gutters and remove any existing dead leaves that may be stuck. Another great tip is to keep your dead leaves, continually flipping them over so that you have what’s called “black gold,” or ashes of the leaves, to use for next spring. The leaves will turn to compost that can help nourish lawns, flower beds, and shrub borders. If you have a forested area or multiple trees in the same area: It may be better for the trees to keep leaves under them as they fall since the leaves will be degrading and returning nitrogen back to the soil.

Plant New Shrubs

Fall is a great time to plant new shrubs or certain types of flowers. But planting shrubs early in the season can give the plants a headstart on forming strong roots. The moist, cool soil is perfect for giving plants the minerals and water that they need.

Remove Dead, Diseased, and Dying Branches

Any dead limbs or branches on your trees can succumb to the harsh winter ice, snow, and wind. For big trees that need to be completely removed, you should work with professional arborists to assist you. On your own, you can cut the cracked and diseased limbs from the tree. This will help the rest of the tree heal and grow new, healthy limbs. If you are unsure which ones are diseased are dying, contact our professional arborist.

Care for Perennials

When you work on spring beds, you can help prepare the plants for a healthy spring. Trim the foliage down as much as possible and remove any dead plants or leaves from the area. This helps by giving your plants more space to grow.

Add Mulch

By adding mulch to your plant beds, you can help keep them warm after the ground freezes. Make sure to apply 2-4 inches of mulch, as this will control water runoff and soil erosion.

Northern Virginia Landscaping: Reputable Home Landscaping Company in Arlington, VA

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