Getting a Return from Your Urban Garden: 3 Key Elements

Growing a thriving garden can be difficult, especially in an urban setting. Proper garden care takes time, effort, and knowledge. Those three requirements could be summed up into one word – experience. Northern Virginia Landscaping has a wealth of experience that we utilize to provide our clients with the help they need to get the most out of their gardening efforts. We have been helping our clients in Northern Virginia for years including our Crystal City clients. Crystal City residents don’t have the luxury of a lot of land making them the perfect candidates for urban garden installations. Keep reading on to learn about the 3 key elements that will result in a thriving garden landscape design.


Deciding on which plants to grow in your urban garden is primarily up to your preferences, but there are a few additional factors you should consider. Two of the biggest factors are soil and sunlight. You need to choose plants that fit your location. If you have a bit of space where you can plant directly into the ground, you need to check your soil type first. Find plants that will do well in the soil you have or use manure or compost to improve the soil to create a suitable environment for your desired plants.


Next, you need to consider the location of your garden. Gardens add beauty to your landscape, so of course you want to choose an area that will be aesthetically pleasing. More important than looks though, is the location of your garden in relation to sunlight. Our expert staff can help you make a beautiful garden landscape no matter what location the sunlight dictates. If you have a space that receives a large amount of direct sunlight and heat, choose plants that are best suited for those circumstances. If your space has limited sunlight and heat, choose plants that are best suited for those circumstances.


Urban gardens have limited yard space, so it makes sense that size is a big factor when planning your garden design. There are a couple of size-related details you need to consider, such as the following below:

Garden Size

Before you build your own garden, the first thing to consider is the size of your space. There are a variety of options for you to consider so you can get the most out of a limited amount of space.

With less space in urban gardens, use vertical garden space. If you can place your garden along a fence, then use the fence as a vertical garden. You can train your plants to grow upwards along the fence or you can install small planters onto your fence. If you don’t have a fence, you could use trellises in your garden to create vertical growing space.

Plant Size

Another thing to keep in mind is the size of the plants themselves. Since you are limited with space, you need to keep your plants from growing out of control. Growth is great and having a thriving garden is the goal, but you don’t want to lose control of your plants. Be sure to look at the height and spread of the plants you are using to make sure they will work in your space. Pruning is another big factor for an organized and healthy garden. Make sure you are keeping up with routine pruning of your plants to ensure they remain healthy and your garden remains neat.

If you’re looking for more ideas, get in touch with our team to see how we can enhance your urban space with a personalized garden design.

Expert Garden Landscaping in Crystal City, Virginia

Maintaining a healthy garden landscape on your property takes a great degree of vigilance and effort. Let the professionals at Northern Virginia Landscaping assist you with your urban garden needs. At Northern Virginia Landscaping, we provide personalized garden landscape design services to our valued clients. We always take our time to ensure our clients’ landscapes are healthy and long-lasting. We have brought out the natural beauty of clients’ gardens, resulting in their gratitude and continued reliance on our services.

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