How Lawn Aeration & Seeding Work


If you plant grass during the right season and then water it properly, shouldn’t you get a lush, beautiful yard? Sadly, you might not. And worse, like many other homeowners, an early failure might lead you to give up landscaping plans for your home’s outdoor space.

A vibrant green backyard provides much more than a nice view. As we’ve written before, greenspaces can boost your mental health. So, rather than miss out on those perks, you should call the pros at Northern Virginia Landscaping. Our experts can pinpoint what’s stopping your yard from thriving, then revive it with lawn aeration and seeding. Our expert home landscaping services are now available to residents in Clifton, VA and throughout the DC Metro region. No matter what kind of outdoor space you have in mind, we’re happy to help you bring it to life.

Below, we define aeration and seeding, then explain how it can improve your yard’s health:

What is Lawn Aeration?

It may sound strange, but “lawn aeration” refers to poking holes in your lawn or future lawn (thus, it’s also referred to as “spiking”). This process supplies the grass with a vital resource for growth: air.

Simply put, grass (and the soil under it) need to breathe. This is why people rake leaves and debris off their lawns every autumn. Both raking and aeration help break up the yard’s thatch, a layer of dead clippings and turf that can cover a lawn. Then, the ground and grass can expel stale air from the soil and pull in nutrients.

Annual raking and aeration with a garden tool can maintain a yard. But when a thick layer of thatch builds up, a lawn aerator must be brought in. This piece of equipment pulls small “plugs” of soil out of the ground, which allows more air in than a small hand spike or rake can. If need be, Northern Virginia Landscaping has this equipment and is experienced with its use to help aerate your own lawn.

What About Lawn Seeding?

As its name suggests, seeding involves spreading grass seed over the ground that you’ll use for your lawn. Our team tries to seed yards directly after aerating them since we’ve already “opened up” the ground.

For this process, we use a piece of equipment called a “broadcast spreader.” It shoots grass seeds out across the ground so that they cover large swaths of soil and vegetation. Some seeds will make their way into the small holes and take root to create a deep, lush yard.

Even if your lawn is already well-kept, we recommend you have it “overseeded” annually. The idea here is to provide further seed and “fill in” the grass that’s worn down by use – thus, overseed.

Making These Processes Work for You

As landscaping experts, we respect that a beautiful lawn is the base of all charming outdoor spaces. And though we also offer planting, mulching, and softscape design services, we know that there’s no substitute for a great yard.

That’s why we do our research and try to give you the benefits of lawn aeration and seeding. Even for the lawns we install sod on, we aerate the ground first. This allows the new grass to take root and grow effectively. We also test the soil’s pH level and sprinkle the fertilizer that suits the yard.

When you hire Northern Virginia Landscaping, you can rest assured that you’ll receive top-notch service from industry experts who are certified in horticulture, botany, biology and arboriculture. We use aeration and seeding because we know that these processes provide exceptional results.

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