How to Choose a Patio for Your Home


Patios are a practical addition to nearly any landscape design. They provide a flat surface for comfortable leisure—fundamental to outdoor living. Plus, given the diversity of eco-friendly materials available, you can create a non-harmful design that accommodates your lifestyle. Then, complement your patio design with a fresh sod installation and other exciting landscape features.

You’ll find an environmentally conscious landscape designer in Northern Virginia Landscaping. We offer hardscape, drainage, and grading services to Gainesville, VA, residents. Our team seeks to create a custom landscape that accommodates your needs. Plus, we are certified by the National Green Infrastructure Certification Program, demonstrating our dedication to preserving the environment through landscaping. Contact us at (703) 982-0100 to discuss how we can improve your landscape.

Below, we describe patio material options and provide design tips:

Eco-Friendly Materials

We suggest you begin with material selection. Although concrete and cement dominate patio design trends, eco-friendly options are available and deliver beneficial features. Furthermore, such materials offer greater customization than concrete because they come in individual pieces that require assembly. These options include:

  • Recycled content pavers: Composite materials, fashioned from recycled plastics and scrap tires, offer high performance against harsh weather conditions. Their durability makes them resistant to mold, mildew, scratches, and cracking.
  • Reclaimed brick: Brick is a non-toxic material that affords endless design possibilities and a rustic appeal. Plus, reclaimed brick is more affordable than new brick.
  • Stone or gravel: Stone and gravel represent the ultimate eco-friendly materials because they are 100% natural. They provide a sense of authenticity and raw-cut character. Try flagstone for a streamlined appeal, as it is smooth and can form a cohesive pattern.
  • Recycled glass: Useful for terrazzo patio styles, recycled glass is an eclectic option that comes in vibrant colors. You can purchase recycled glass pavers, which come sanded down to provide a flush finish.
  • Porous pavers: Porous pavers are designed with spaces between them to facilitate stormwater drainage. You can cover large areas with such pavers as they are heavy-weight bearing. Moreover, they allow native grasses or groundcovers to flourish.
  • Permeable pavers: Permeable pavers appear as a solid surface, yet they space apart enough to allow for water drainage and migration.
  • Aggregates: Aggregate patios include gravel, crushed rock, and pebbles. They support drainage and are easy to install and maintain.

Functional Design

Your patio’s purpose can dictate its location, size, and shape. For instance, position yours close to your back entrance or outdoor kitchen if you intend to use it for dining. Alternatively, installing a pathway to accompany your patio allows you to set it back in your yard amidst a garden or near your pool.

Your patio’s size will depend on the space available for construction and how many outdoor living spaces you want. Using porous pavers, you can cover a large swath of your landscape to minimize lawn care demands and set up areas for lounge chairs and a fire pit.

On the other hand, you can create separate, small patios throughout your landscape for more defined spaces. For instance, sunken patios create a “flow” and offer additional privacy for an outdoor breakfast area. The key to this design is incorporating all landscape elements: surrounding foliage, stairs, retaining walls, and dry river beds.


Your patio’s shape will play a significant role in its aesthetic. For example, a straight-edged patio offers a traditional or modern quality depending on your chosen material. On the other hand, a curved patio will bolster an organic appeal with a stronger sense of movement.

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