How to Cultivate A Healthy Landscape

Most homeowners, especially those in Virginia, understand that a key component of their property is not only their house, but also the state of the landscape surrounding it. Proper landscape care takes quite a bit of time and effort, but also a fair amount of knowledge. It’s important to know what you can do to ensure that your’s is pristine and healthy. However, you may also hire a reliable home landscaping company, assuring that your landscape remains in great condition throughout the year.

At Northern Virginia Landscaping, we utilize all of our knowledge and skill that has been shared and gained throughout our many years of service in Arlington, VA, as well as across the Northern Virginia region. Our range of services include landscape design and maintenance to hardscape and drainage construction, all high quality and satisfactory from our years of experience. Below, we provide some of our advice on improving and sustaining your landscape’s health:

Use Shaded Areas Effectively

Among the most prominent features of Virginia is its abundance of forestry. One of the main issues we have found is that numerous members of our community are struggling to grow grass within their landscape due to tree overgrowth. Unless you want to eliminate the trees in your property, it will be difficult to grow grass beneath them since they shade the plants from the sun. Therefore, our advice would be to create beds of plants that are more acclimated to shade. This will produce better results, especially in terms of avoiding pollution from the use of fertilizers and pesticides that would help ensure greener grass.

Include Appropriate Plants

As mentioned before, your landscape should include plants that are suited to your home environment. Not only should this be considered when thinking about the landscape beneath your trees, but also throughout its overall layout. Having the right plants that match the ecology of your environment will lend to a healthier, more attractive landscape. It will reduce the amount of water needed to refresh the plants you have, as well as the effort you need to ensure they survive year-round. The plants that have this capability are native to Northern Virginia, such as Sweetbay Magnolias, and Summersweet Shrubs.

Reduce/Cease Chemical Usage

One of the most significant ways that you can ensure the health of your landscape is by minimizing the amount of chemicals, such as pesticides, that are used to treat certain aspects of it. While using such chemicals may improve the health of one feature of your landscape, such as your lawn, it may work to the detriment of other areas, as well as the environment surrounding it.

The use of chemicals, such as pesticides, leave trace amounts behind for possible consumption by animals, including pest-killing insects, which are instrumental in ensuring the safe growth of your plants. Reducing or eliminating all use of chemicals will guarantee a healthier landscape and environment.

Northern Virginia Landscaping: The Reliable Home Landscaping Company in Arlington, VA

Maintaining a healthy landscape on your property takes a great degree of vigilance and effort.  That is why it is both a difficult practice and profession, balancing our efforts to create an appearance that appeals to us and others, and the need to care for the environment that it is a part of.

At Northern Virginia Landscaping, we take a considerable amount of time and thought into ensuring our clients’ landscapes are healthy and long-lasting, as well as verdant and aesthetically pleasing. We have spent years compounding our knowledge in the care and growth of plants. This meticulous and nature-focused approach makes us the most practiced and reliable home landscaping company in Arlington, VA, and Northern Virginia. Our leading practices have brought out the natural beauty of clients’ yards, resulting in their gratitude and continued reliance on our services.

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