How To Increase Your Home’s Value Through Landscaping


If you want to boost your home’s curb appeal, you have multiple options to choose from. But rather than focusing your efforts on the interior, you might try one of several landscape projects. Installing a deck or patio, reviving your backyard landscape, or instituting a lawn care program could do the trick. Still, no matter what you decide on, trust professionals for home garden design services.

If you live in Vienna, VA, or the surrounding region, turn to Northern Virginia Landscaping for your outdoor project needs. We are a full-service landscaping business that works with residential and commercial clients. Along with standard landscaping tasks, our team offers hardscape installations, drainage design and construction, regrading, and more. We want to bring your dream landscape project to life, so reach out to us to learn more.

Below, we suggest several landscaping projects that can increase your home’s value:

8 Landscaping Installation Projects to Consider

Install a Backyard Patio

Easily one of the most popular outdoor features, a backyard patio can be a major selling point. Whether attached or detached from your home, these spaces allow you to entertain guests or relax as a family. Indeed, we named patio set-ups one of our must-have summer features for 2021.

Whether you build your patio at ground level or raised, it provides a jumping-off point for other features. Consider walls, a fire feature, or a pergola (see below).

Add Walls Around Your Patio

Many folks have railings constructed during their patio projects. However, if you aren’t sure whether to do the same, consider their added value. They make the space safer and appear more inviting, fulfilling the same function as walls.

Patio walls can be made from a variety of stones, particularly something that matches its surface. Once built, the walls complete the space and may even serve as seating. They also demarcate the patio from the yard.

Add or Update Your Walkways

With your patio in place, you can extend avenues out into your yard or landscape with walkways. Whether you pave one or install flagstones, a walkway installation adds elegance and structure to your home’s exterior. It also makes traveling outside easier.

If you have a walkway that’s several years old, consider upgrading it with an eco-friendly hardscape material. Wood, porous pavement, and open grid pavement have less impact on the natural environment than traditional asphalt. They could also spruce up your outdoor space.

Set Up a Fire Feature

The most popular outdoor feature besides a patio is a fire pit. A well-constructed pit can serve homeowners year-round as a gathering place on warm and cool nights. Fire pits provide light and comfort during the night while helping guests feel at ease.

For those who want something besides a traditional pit, several other fire features exist. Fire bowls, columns, tables, and others offer a distinct ambiance from classic fire pits.

Refresh Your Landscape

Hardscape features alone are not the only opportunities to increase your home’s value. Several garden landscaping options can also achieve the same thing. For instance: planting and shaping hedges allows you to outline features in your yard or create distinct spaces.

Alternatively, you might line your walkways with rows of flowers. Doing so adds definition to the walkways’ borders and can fit within your surrounding garden scheme.

Plant Trees

A specific upgrade to your landscape: planting shady trees. Although this step may take years to fully mature, high trees with wide crowns offer great shade for a backyard. Virginia’s warm climate also suits deciduous trees well.

Trees can work in conjunction with other landscaping features: patios, gardens, and so on. You might even purchase a pergola with the intent of placing it near a shady tree.

Implement a Lawn Care Program

Of all the landscaping improvements you can make, none can match the effects of a handsome lawn. Even, green grass looks stunning and completes outdoor spaces. Yet it can also take quite a bit of time and patience to cultivate.

Luckily, the Northern Virginia Landscaping team has some methods to speed the process along. Lawn aeration uses special machinery to help newly planted grass to grow quickly. Alternatively, sod installation occurs quickly and creates a beautiful lawn in a matter of minutes.

Regrade Your Yard for Optimal Drainage

Finally, to provide a healthy space for lush greenery, regrade your landscape for sustainable drainage. Improper grading leads to large puddles and contaminated water gathering in your yard. These hazards can kill your grass and create a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

However, professional regrading helps your landscape to channel stormwater runoff. This supports your lawn’s health and protects the surrounding environment. Thus, you reap a variety of benefits from this one service.

Home Garden Design Experts Available in Vienna, VA

Don’t limit yourself to interior projects when updating your home—multiple possibilities exist outside in your landscape. Whether you want to install a hardscape or spruce up your gardens, turn to the premier Vienna, VA, service: Northern Virginia Landscaping. We provide landscape care, sod installation, regrading, and home garden design services among many others. Call us today at (703) 982-0100 or fill out our online form to tell us about your project.

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