How to Start an Edible Garden

Growing edible produce in your garden can help you to eat healthier, save money on groceries, and improve the look and feel of your home’s landscape. Plus, starting one is as easy as placing a raised planter or pot outside. However, you may struggle to expand into a large garden filled with fruits and vegetables. But with the help of residential landscaping service professionals, you can have that beautiful garden quickly and easily.

Northern Virginia Landscaping has helped numerous homeowners and commercial businesses throughout Nokesville, VA, and the rest of Northern Virginia. Our team of landscapers produces excellent softscapes and hardscapes for clients, especially those who want a high-quality garden in their yards. Plus, our friendly service and deep knowledge of horticulture and landscape design ensure consistent customer satisfaction.

Here, we discuss some of the ways that you can start building an edible garden:

Work Your Way Up

Starting a vegetable garden is a rewarding but tough experience. It requires a great deal of applied knowledge and consistent practices, all of which are developed through your personal experience with gardening.

That’s why we recommend beginners start small, growing from one raised plant bed or a small plot in your yard in their first year. That way, not much risk is involved, you’ll gain plenty of experience, and you’ll know you can expand once you yield a decent crop.

Plan How You’ll Expand

Once you know that you can handle successfully raising a few plants at a time, you can then start to consider expanding your garden further. We recommend taking serious steps toward properly planning this expansion out.

Consider which areas of your yard offer the best daily lighting conditions, as well as how much space you may want your garden to take up and how much food you want to grow.

Take measurements, make an inventory of the potential plants you want, think about every angle that needs to be planned out beforehand. For assistance in this regard, call on a reliable residential landscaping service in your local area.

Invest In Good Soil

You can’t have a good garden without high-quality, nutrient-rich soil, which is vital to its health and continual growth. We recommend researching extensively on where you can supply your garden with the highest quality soil possible. More often than not, the bags purchased from most retailers aren’t as good as the composted organic soil produced by third-party suppliers.

When you work with Northern Virginia Landscaping, you won’t need to waste money or time on finding the one that suits your needs. We take care of it for you, providing the best nutrient-rich soil necessary for helping you sustain your plants.

Select Plants Suited To Your Climate

On top of having good soil and a well-planned garden, you should also select native plants that grow best within your area’s climate. In this case, consider which plants grow in the temperate conditions of Northern Virginia. These will ensure you get fast and well-grown crops out of your garden each and every year.

Northern Virginia Landscaping: Dependable Residential Landscaping Services in Nokesville, VA

An edible garden is a worthwhile investment, as it produces fresh, organic fruits and vegetables and promotes more personal time outdoors. To ensure your garden is built to last and fits right into your landscape, contact a company that offers reliable residential landscaping services like Northern Virginia Landscaping. We have made it our mission to help transform residents’ landscapes throughout Nokesville, VA, dedicating ourselves to creating the best softscapes and hardscapes in the area.

Contact us today at (703) 982-0100 to learn how we can help you and your landscape through our excellent residential landscaping services today!

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