Landscaping Ideas to Increase Your Privacy

Do you have privacy and serenity on your deck, patio, or yard? If you live in close quarters or next to prying neighbors, probably not. But you can carefully place fencing, natural barriers, or other professional landscape design features to create a private backyard retreat.

If you want to improve your property’s tranquility without sacrificing its natural beauty, reach out to Northern Virginia Landscaping. We are a full-service residential and commercial landscaping company that operates in and around Oakton, VA. In addition to professional landscape design and installation, we provide hardscaping, drainage, and grading services. Our expertise and experience can provide you with all the landscaping solutions that you need.

Below, we outline the features that can transform your outdoor space into a private getaway:

Landscaping Features That Provide Privacy

Traditional fencing

If you trust popular solutions to problems, then you should consider building a fence for privacy. Fences can come in a variety of styles and materials: wood, wood lattice, trellis, and so on. A classic wooden fence can fit onto narrow property lines and keep your backyard blocked off from prying eyes.

However, a wooden lattice fence contains small openings through which you can speak to neighbors. The lattices also support natural coverage like vines, flowers, and so on.

While not a fence in the traditional sense, a trellis can serve the same function. One can enclose a small space and create a distinct area for privacy. The trellis also allows for plant coverage like a lattice.

A gate

Another conventional feature found outside many homes, a gate supplies an entrance/exit through your fence. With one in place, your yard is accessible but you control the traffic coming in. As with fencing, several styles and options exist. You can even integrate your gate with natural barriers like hedges.

Natural barriers

If you prefer natural materials and appearances, you can create a property barrier with privacy hedges. These block out noise, unwanted views, and wind while supporting the ecosystem and wildlife.

Of course, a natural barrier takes time and attention to create. Nevertheless, it can turn your backyard into the natural retreat you dream of. You could also use vines, tall plants, or trees for your barrier line. We suggest that you consider using native plant species to create your barrier.

A structure

Surrounding your entire property with a barrier may seem a bit overwhelming. And perhaps you only want part of your outdoor space for privacy. In that case, consider adding a structure on your deck, patio, or porch as a designated private area.

A pergola only provides a roof, which may work for those who need limited coverage. On the other hand, gazebos come with a roof and partial walls. You might also use a porch overhang to the same effect, or you could add curtains to a pre-existing structure. In addition to privacy, a structure might allow you to use your patio in cold weather.

Retaining wall & raised flower beds

Finally, you have a few options to create privacy through topography. If your property contains a steep enough hill, you can install a retaining wall. This low-maintenance barrier is built from rock and can help prevent soil erosion. You can also plant a garden along the top of it.

A raised flower bed offers the same benefits as a retaining wall, though it isn’t dug out of a hillside. One can be added in a limited space, providing you with both privacy and gardening space.

Privacy Landscaping FAQs

While we’ve previously written about increasing privacy in your yard, we provide some extra insights here. First, before you put up a fence or structure, you should check local building codes or your homeowner’s association. One or the other may have a height restriction in place.

Also, keep in mind how your new privacy measures may appear to neighbors. They may find the barriers unfriendly or unattractive. Consider the message that your barriers project and, depending on your relationship, speak to your neighbors about them.

Finally, while many people try to establish privacy measures themselves, your best bet is to hire professionals. Northern Virginia Landscaping can ensure that your needs are met and provide all the support of our expertise.

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