Patio Ideas for Colder Weather

Three years ago, Realtor Magazine reported a rise in demand for homes with patios, which surprised landscapers. Didn’t everyone already know the value of patios? These neat outdoor spaces give homeowners a convenient place to relax in the fresh air. Plus, they can add a grill or pool to make it a fun gathering place for friends and family. This option became especially useful this past summer, as indoor social restrictions remained in place.

If you enjoy your patio space during the summer, wouldn’t you like to do the same during the winter? With Northern Virginia Landscaping, you can! We offer a full range of landscaping services to homeowners and businesses in Fairfax and Northern Virginia. These include professional hardscape design, sod installation, regrading, and drainage solutions. Our team creates unique outdoor spaces based on its horticulture, arboriculture, and botany expertise. Whether you want your landscape cleaned up or remade, we can make it a sanctuary for you.

Below, we list a few features to help keep your patio comfortable during cold weather:

Fire Pit

Let’s start with a traditional option: a fire pit. As one of the most common patio features, fire pits offer the obvious benefits of heat, light, and comfort. And since many people enjoy the simple pleasure of an outdoor fire, many homeowners build a patio for that exact purpose.

Of course, you should place your fire pit in a space with airflow, a spot that lets smoke and fumes escape. Also, evaluate its design to avoid making the heat or smoke a hazard. We suggest that you maintain enough space around the pit so that several guests can gather nearby.

If you want a fire feature besides a traditional fire pit, you have options. Several other outdoor fire features exist, including fire bowls, fire columns, tables, chimineas, and more. These alternatives provide the same benefits as a fire pit but give you room for creativity.

Additional Lighting

Once you provide extra warmth on your patio, it becomes available for “cool weather” events. For instance, you might host an outdoor Thanksgiving on your patio. But to help the space remain welcoming during all seasons, we suggest you install additional lighting.

During the summer, a dim level of light may suit the warm and laid-back atmosphere. However, in the winter, a brighter space can help you and your guests perk up against the cold. The light also helps dispel the dark, since night comes sooner during the winter.

You have numerous patio lighting options: recessed, string, hanging, path, and floodlights all offer a different atmosphere and character. Consider what other functions the lights can serve. Could they double as security lights? Would including path lights ensure your guests’ safety?

A Pergola or Enclosure

Finally, one further feature can establish your unique outdoor space: a pergola or enclosure. As a simple structure with a roofing grid and no sides, a pergola offers durability and flexibility. This works well with fire pits and water features, but it won’t protect you from wind and rain.

However, an enclosure shelters those inside it against any weather conditions. Constructed of wood or plastic, you could make it a comfortable area with furniture and a table. Keep in mind that without ventilation, this enclosed space could not include a fire feature inside.

If you do consider a pergola, we suggest stocking it with outdoor furniture that can withstand hot and cold weather. In winter conditions, metal chairs get cold to the touch and plastic chairs become brittle. Thus, we suggest you buy wood and wicker furniture as they stand up best in all weather.

Creative Hardscape Design & Installation Available Now in Fairfax, VA!

We all agree that patios offer a variety of benefits: a relaxing environment, enjoyable features, and increased value for your home. Now, you can enjoy these perks in both summer and winter. With a fire feature, additional lighting, and a pergola or enclosure, we can make your getaway space one for all seasons. Northern Virginia Landscaping offers full-service landscaping and professional hardscape design to Fairfax, VA, residents. Call us today at (703) 982-0100 or fill out our online form to learn more about your options.

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