The Benefits of Sustainable Drainage Installations

For years, drainage systems have been essential to sustaining our environment, including our homes, workplaces, and areas where we take time off to relax. However, if these spaces don’t have proper drainage systems, then they can look swampy and become a breeding ground for unwanted pests and pollutants. Having a proper drainage system installation provided by a trusted expert will allow you to maintain a healthy landscape for years to come.

Northern Virginia Landscaping is experienced in installing sustainable drainage systems throughout the Falls Church, VA area. We’ve successfully transformed swampy yards into thriving living spaces by installing French drainage systems, downspout extensions, retaining walls, dry creek beds, drywells, and much more. Let’s discuss the various benefits drainage systems provide.

Prevents Flooding

Without drainage systems in place, your home may be susceptible to flooding. As previously mentioned flooding yards can be a host to insects, such as mosquitoes. It may also put your basement and foundation at risk too. Standing water can infiltrate your home through your basement, causing it to flood and worse–weaken your home’s foundation.

This can lead to further foundation issues that can easily be prevented if it’s caught early! With a proper drainage system in place, excess water will be directed away from your home, which will prevent standing water from occurring.

Manages Stormwater Runoff

When flooding takes place on your property, it may carry away vital nutrients and minerals from your property. Your plants and grass need these to stay healthy and installing the right drainage system will help retain those nutrients.

While we discuss the effects of stormwater runoff further below, be sure to check on your property every now and then. If you notice any signs of poor drainage, then call our team to avoid costly repairs.

Protects and Improves Water Quality

Stormwater runoff in urban areas carries pollutants (pathogens, nutrients, sediment, and heavy metals) into our water resources such as lakes, streams, and oceans. Oftentimes, cities with combined sewer systems send untreated sewage into our waterways too.

Installing drainage systems help reduce stormwater runoff and soil erosion. It minimizes the pollutants invading our water sources while enhancing the quality of the soil bacteria in our environment. With a drainage system, your yard and our environment will remain healthy no matter how much rainfall we have.

Work with our Professional Home Landscaping Experts in Falls Church, VA

Maintaining the health of your home can be challenging on your own if you don’t have the right equipment and resources, but Northern Virginia Landscaping is here to help. If you’re experiencing any drainage issues, then get in touch with our drainage system installation team today. We can work with you to customize your drainage system, as well as perform any yard grading that’s necessary, according to your needs.

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