Top Environmentally Friendly Landscape Features

Despite what others may argue, no one-size-fits-all method exists for sustainable landscaping. The “traditional” approach revolved around making a yard cosmetically pleasing. However, contemporary landscaping goes far beyond an immediate-use design. Many homeowners wish to work with nature rather than force it to be something artificial. This shift encapsulates a movement toward eco-friendly landscaping design, where outdoor beauty need not detract from the environment.

Northern Virginia Landscaping offers sustainable landscaping services to property owners near Manassas, VA. From landscaping to hardscaping and drainage, we possess the equipment and know-how to design the yard of your dreams. See what our satisfied customers have to say about our services. When you feel ready to take on your next landscaping project, contact us at (703) 982-0100.

Below, we discuss impactful yet environmentally-friendly landscape features:

High Impact Tree Planting

Trees have an incredible impact on their immediate environment. Healthy trees provide shade, shelter, underground irrigation, and much more. Buildings can enjoy significant climate benefits, as trees break up the wind and block sunlight. This effect flips in the winter, as trees lose their foliage and buildings receive more sun.

Additionally, shade reduces the power draw of outdoor A/C units. Indirect benefits include noise reduction and improved local air, as trees produce oxygen as a byproduct.

Alternative Landscapes

Lawns are probably the most symbolic yet non-sustainable landscaping choice. They gobble up a tremendous amount of water, are not native to most locations, and require constant work to maintain and sustain.

Instead of seeding another lawn, utilize deconstructed granite, small stone, pavers, rocks, water pond placements, flowers and bushes, and many other eco-friendly landscapes. Many property owners also use small farm sets and planting boxes to beautify their landscape and produce home-grown food.

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