Transform Your Home’s Appearance with a Hardscape Installation

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With the new year already here, you may have added improving your home on your new year’s resolution list. If you are looking for more ways to expand your living space and improve your home’s overall appearance, then installing a hardscape during the winter season is a great project to start.

At Northern Virginia Landscaping, our team is dedicated to providing homeowners with a landscape that provides fluidity, functionality, and looks visually appealing. Scheduling a professional hardscape installation is just one of the ways you can improve your home’s look and extend your living space. Here is a list of hardscape installation options for your consideration this winter.


Installing walkways will properly lead you and your house guests to your home or outdoor entertainment area like a patio, which will provide the most welcoming experience. With a walkway, it ensures a safe path that reduces the chances of injuries compared to areas where walkways are nonexistent.


Designing and constructing a patio in your yard can increase your living space as this provides more room to entertain you, your family, and friends. Since patios are low maintenance, it can boost the property value of your home, which is especially beneficial if you plan on selling in the future.

Terraces & Retaining Walls

A terrace and retaining wall installation provides many benefits such as improving your home’s appearance, adding to your home’s overall value, and decreasing the likelihood of erosion. These features will help make your landscape more functional while providing a modern beauty to it as well.

River Rock Features

Using river rock features for your landscape ensures that it will last longer than ordinary landscaping materials such as wood chips or mulch. River rocks will make sure you get more out of your landscaping experience since they are much more durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Outdoor Fireplaces & Grills

Take your family and friends outside for a gathering around an outdoor fireplace and grill. Everyone will be able to enjoy this hardscape grilling their favorite dishes and cozying up next to the warmth the fireplace provides. You will be sure to spend less time indoors and save more energy with an outdoor fireplace and grill around.

Northern Virginia Landscaping: the Best Hardscape Installation in Arlington, VA

Whether you are looking to improve your home’s appearance, our team of Class A (RBC) certified and insured contractors are reliable and will provide only the highest quality of landscape design services customized to your needs. We specialize in hardscape installation services like installing walkways, patios, outdoor fireplaces and more so you won’t need to feel limited on options. Contact us at (703) 982-0100 or fill out a contact form to speak with a Northern Virginia Landscaping professional today!

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