What Are Retaining Walls?

A landscape staple with equally useful and tasteful design elements, retaining walls offer erosion control, layout optimization, and design structure to the everyday landscape. Nevertheless, their complexity requires that homeowners turn to a local landscape designer for hardscape installation service.

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Below, we describe retaining walls’ functions and benefits:

Erosion Control

Retaining walls create a stronghold against erosion and landslides. Their most practical function is to hold up the soil behind them on hillsides and slopes.

Furthermore, these structures support a great deal of water pressure that vegetation alone cannot. In combination with a proper drainage system, retaining walls can assist with water flow management. Install one or more such walls to protect your landscape, hardscape features, and property from shifting due to water flow.

Layout Optimization

You can also optimize your landscape’s layout by strategizing where your retaining walls will go. In conjunction with stairs, retaining walls can create distinct levels in your yard. Consider implementing a multi-level terrace with ornamental grasses and additional tiers for plants.

Retaining walls can expand your outdoor living space. They can support a flat area above them for a table-top lookout view. Alternatively, opt for a sunken patio with surrounding retaining walls. Doing so creates a private, cozy space that’s perfect for a fire pit.

Retaining walls can also brace the ground surrounding a low-level entrance. Add them around window wells to allow additional light into your basement. Moreover, you can seamlessly blend landscape features with retaining walls around your patio, walkway, and water features.

Design Structure

Additionally, retaining walls provide an elegant design structure. Compared to naturally seeded slopes, walls smooth out otherwise rough terrain. They can carve your landscape with either straight or curved lines to define the shape of your outdoor space. Use them for functional and dimensional divisions.

Select from several materials to complement your landscape design. The most common option for retaining wall materials is concrete bricks, which create a swept-back, crisp appearance. But rustic and modern styles are compatible with wooden retaining walls. If you prefer a cottagey, lived in, or European flare, opt for raw cut or dry-stacked stones. Minimalists and desert enthusiasts may like clean, poured concrete walls that sweep through a landscape.

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