What Are the Benefits of Permeable Pavers?

Permeable interlocking concrete pavements (PICP), also known as permeable pavers, are a system of stones of various sizes that are layered one over the other. These can be implemented into different types of hardscape installation projects including patios, walkways, and driveways. As it is comprised of multiple stone layers, it’s also seen as an effective stormwater management system that supports sustainability. As we work toward more environment-friendly home improvements, consider working with an experienced home landscaping company to ensure you get the most out of your experience.

Northern Virginia Landscaping professionals are dedicated to producing home improvements that will enhance your home’s appearance while helping maintain the integrity of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed as it is home to many residents and wildlife. We will work together with you to implement a permeable paver that’s functional and of the highest quality possible.

Experience the many benefits of permeable pavers including the following below:

Eliminates Excess Water

As permeable pavers are designed to eliminate standing water, the openness of the aggregates allows water to flow into these spaces instead of accumulating on the surface causing issues such as runoff or flooding. Without the excess water, you will keep the mosquitoes at bay and prevent your hardscapes from cracking due to freezing and thawing of locked-in moisture.

Reduces Pollutants

Not only has permeable pavers allowed for excess water to runoff of its surface or in between its open spaces, but it has enabled that waterflow to carry away pollutants like nitrogen, phosphorus, and chemical contaminants that threaten our ecosystem. A permeable paver installation will help keep our water sources clean for all wildlife and people who reside near it.

Improved Safety

With permeable pavers, homeowners can have peace of mind knowing that there’s less standing water around their landscape. During the winter, your permeable pavers will eliminate the chances of your driveways or walkways from freezing over and becoming a hazard to you and your family.

Enhanced Durability

Permeable pavers are recognized as the most durable hardscaping installation technique. The system of stones layered over each other is less likely to crack compared to other hardscapes. It also has a better tolerance to withstand against freezing temperatures, which will keep it sturdy for much longer.

Little-to-No Maintenance

As you won’t need to install an additional water retention pond nearby, your permeable pavers are built to take care of managing excess water it comes into contact with. Since permeable pavers are so durable, they have the ability to last longer and save you more money in the long run since you wouldn’t have to replace or repair it as often as other hardscapes.

Choose Our Professional Home Landscaping Company for Quality Permeable Pavers in Arlington

When it comes to a functional permeable paver hardscape around your home, professional installation is key. Our Arlington home landscaping company cares to provide you with the most efficient design and installation services that suits your needs and budget best. Our team is highly trained and experienced in installing aesthetically pleasing permeable pavers that will allow you have a stress-free experience at a reasonable price.

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