What Can A Rain Garden Do For Your Home?


With spring already here and hurricane season approaching, heavy rains are sure to fall and provide our plantings with the water they need to thrive. However, if there’s an excess amount of rainfall accumulating around your landscape, then your home and wallet could be at risk of a number of costly repairs that can be easily prevented with the right solutions, such as a rain garden.

Our Northern Virginia landscaping company is passionate about creating aesthetically-pleasing landscapes that also help sustain our environment. No matter what your preferences are, Northern Virginia Landscaping takes the time to listen to you to create a design that suits your needs best. As rain gardens are one of the most popular runoff solutions, they can also provide you and our environment with many major benefits including the following below:

Boost Property Value

Rain gardens provide the most natural solution to prevent flooding or pollution from taking place around your home and in our storm drains. Due to its natural design, professional landscape designers are able to implement them into your landscape with ease.

Runoff Absorption

As a man-made runoff solution, mulch and plants in a rain garden have the ability to intake runoff and potentially slow it down. Rain gardens are effective in the sense that they remove pollutants before the runoff is able to reach your nearby storm drains. Interestingly enough, as rain gardens are able to slow down runoff, it also gradually filters out the pollution through the soil. By the time it is released back into our stormwater systems, the runoff is pollutant-free and clean.

Creates A Better Habitat

With a thriving rain garden, you can be sure to find your neighborly butterflies and insects occupying the greenery. While keeping this in mind, it also significantly lowers the chances of pests from taking over and mosquitoes from breeding. The birds may even take a liking to your new garden plantings as well!

Requires Low Maintenance

Rain gardens that are placed in grassland communities have the ability to last long with annual mowing. These gardens don’t necessarily require watering or fertilizer because these specific plants can maintain their natural quality even through very dry seasons. Mowing rain gardens once every year will help promote a lush and thriving garden.

Choose Our Professional Landscaping Company in Northern Virginia

While a DIY (do-it-yourself) rain garden project is certainly doable, going the professional route and working together with Northern Virginia Landscaping will ensure you have the right plants and that your garden is properly installed. Our professional landscaping company enjoys working together with our clients and helping their ideas come to life. We keep your budget in mind through each step of the process making sure your rain garden is exactly what you need.

Get a landscape design that helps sustain our environment and enhances your home. Contact us at (703) 982-0100 to get started today!

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