What Is A Dry Well?

Excess water from storms and other sources can cause problems for your house and property. Great amounts of water results in soil erosion and flooding, which may potentially cause expensive damage to the landscaping and foundation of your home. That’s why it is important for any homeowner in Northern Virginia to consider professional drainage solutions for their property.

Northern Virginia Landscaping is a professional landscaping company that’s highly skilled in drainage installations and other landscaping services, with decades of experience and a drive for customer satisfaction. We set ourselves apart from our competitors by utilizing advanced knowledge in horticulture and botany to further improve our services. Below, we provide some knowledge about a few of the things you should know about dry wells:

What Is A Dry Well Made Out Of?

A dry well is a round, underground structure along with several pipes or channels that allows excess water, mostly from heavy rains, to flow into it. It can take the form of a plastic, concrete, or metal chamber, as well as a simple pit that is dug up and filled with gravel. They come in various sizes and are large enough to collect excess water without overflowing from the average amount of rain water that accrues in the climate of your home’s environment.

The Functions of a Dry Well

Excess water flows naturally and collects within a dry well, as it is placed in the lowest areas of your yard. Proper inflow can be supported by the installation of pipes or channels that direct the flow of water toward the dry well. When water reaches the well, the small perforations within it will allow the water to slowly seep out into the surrounding soil, returning it to the groundwater. This prevents any soil erosion or pools of water that are caused by a rainstorm and keeps water away from the foundation of your home.

Where to Install One

To find out where you can install a dry well in your yard, perform a percolation test. This involves digging one or several holes in your yard and filling them with water. Then, track the rate of the water dissipating into the soil surrounding each hole. Water quickly seeping away is the sign of a good area in your yard to install a dry well.

Trusted Professional Landscaping Company in Northern VA

A dry well can prevent potential water damage to your home and in your landscaping. It will help you manage the amount of runoff in your yard and ensure that it is a controlled, sustained environment. While installing a dry well can easily be done by yourself through simply digging a pit and placing a layer of permeable landscape fabric on the inside, then packing them in with rocks. Nonetheless, the process can be quickly and efficiently completed with a highly professional landscaping company at your service.

At Northern Virginia Landscaping, our highly-certified team that is dedicated to performing the best possible service for our customers. Our services include drainage installations, hardscape constructions, and softscape arrangements. Contact us at 703-982-0100 for a free quote and any inquire on your next landscaping project.

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