What to Consider Before Building a Flagstone Walkway


Whenever you are making an addition to your home, it is important to determine the form and function of the addition’s design. However, building a flagstone walkway is a smaller project to contend with than most. Not only does it create a charming and holistic appearance to your home, but it also allows you and your guests a quick and easy route to the backyard. Flagstone walkways are built in numerous styles with different stones that vary in color, texture, and other physical properties. If you aren’t sure a flagstone walkway is best for your home, working together with a professional landscaping company in Northern VA will help you determine the materials and design will enhance your home’s overall appearance and value.

The idea of building a flagstone walkway may seem like a challenging project to undertake as it can involve a large amount of time and careful planning that most people may not have to spare. At Northern Virginia Landscaping in Arlington, VA, our experts arrange all the materials and design specifications for your ideal flagstone walkway, then construct it on time at an affordable price. Once you decide on whether you want to build a new flagstone walkway, consider these aspects for your project:


The first thing to figure out is where your walkway will go. Think of where it will start and end, as well as the points of interest it will lead to, such as your garden, patio, pool, or around the house to your garage.


When it comes to deciding on the appearance of your walkway, consider whether it will be a path that is straight and angular rather than winding and curved. For a more formal look, have your stones set close together, with each one the same distance apart. Stones used for formal arrangements take on more rigid shapes, particularly squares. An informal style has a more random, unkempt arrangement with each stone uniquely shaped and spaced at different distances.


Another key quality to think about is the approximate size you would like your walkway to be. Be sure to measure the precise length of the walkway, from start to end, and all branching paths in between. Also, keep in mind the width of your walkway. Would you like space for a couple to walk side-by-side or enough for a single-file line?


Now for the most tangible part of your walkway arrangement: the materials it will be made of. Keep in mind that this design choice can influence the overall cost of the project. However, with variety comes the advantage of choosing the materials that match your preference and budget. There are many kinds of stones for your walkway to choose from, as well as base materials to place them on, such as sand or gravel. Each type of stone has its own list of pros and cons so it’s important to take in at least several options into consideration and compare them. For example, sandstone is known to maintain a cool surface in hotter temperatures but gets damaged when it gets too wet and freezes over, so if you live in a state that experiences warm weather, then sandstone may be the materials you would use for your walkway.

Build a New Flagstone Walkway in Sterling, VA with Northern Virginia Landscaping

Every detail is important, and with careful planning, your walkway can look amazing and last a long time with little maintenance. Let our team at Northern Virginia Landscaping help you prepare the best design for your home’s new flagstone walkway. Whether your next project is a walkway, patio, outdoor fireplace, or any other landscaping addition, Northern Virginia Landscaping assures the highest customer satisfaction from our expert staff and passion for great landscaping.

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