Why Pave A Walkway Through Your Landscape?


Adding a paved walkway to your landscape provides an extra layer of safety, as well as a stylistic edge and greater home value. Getting a gravel or unique flagstone walkway installation often requires handiwork from a team of skilled and experienced hardscape professionals.

At Northern Virginia Landscaping, we not only provide services in designing and constructing premium softscapes and lawns for customers through Fairfax, VA. We also perform high-quality hardscape construction. From walkways to water features, as well as patios and decks, our experts can help transform your landscape into an ideal outdoor living space.

Here are some reasons why you should consider building a walkway within your landscape:

Easier Travel

One good reason to have a walkway paved into your landscape is that it makes it much easier to travel around the outside of your home. Moreover, a paved walkway makes it easier for children and elders to move around your landscape as well.

Walkways can be made level in almost any type of landscape, along with installed railings, making it safer and easier to walk around. A graded walkway also makes it easier for you to haul heavy objects around your landscape, such as when you are performing yardwork or removing furniture from inside your home.

Improved Landscape Design

Adding a walkway to your landscape can also help enhance your landscape’s design, especially if you are thinking of creating an organized arrangement of softscapes and hardscapes.

Walkways made of gravel or stone can help outline gardens and plant beds, allowing you to organize your softscapes more thoroughly. Paved walkways around them can lead to other hardscape areas, creating a more modern appearance in your landscape.

In addition to arranging your landscape better, walkways also provide a clear path, preventing others from trampling on grass and plants, thus ensuring your plants thrive and stay intact.

Increased Home Value

In general, adding a walkway is one small but significant way to add value to your home, especially if you are thinking ahead about putting it on the market.

However, if you already have other landscape additions like a backyard garden or patio, then adding a walkway or a series of them will only add to its overall value.

To a potential homebuyer, a paved walkway conveys the current homeowners’ care for safety, accessibility, as well as a passion for modern home design. Conveying this is what increases curb appeal, and thus increases the value of your home.

Northern Virginia Landscaping: Flagstone Walkway Installation in Fairfax, VA

A paved walkway in your landscape can offer numerous benefits for you, your family, and your home. Although constructing one can be simpler with some methods, paving one or several walkways is best done with a team of experts that are experienced and fully-equipped, such as our team at Northern Virginia Landscaping. We are experts in numerous hardscapes, including quality flagstone walkway installation, as well as patios, decks, and more. Across Fairfax, VA, customers refer and return to our service for our professionalism and distinguishing level of workmanship.

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