Landscape Design

Sod Installation

We can make your lawn look stunning with our professional, high quality sod installation.

Sod installation done right is a 2 to 3 week process that can make your lawn look brand new. Laying sod is the best way to ensure a lawn free of weed overgrowth, diseases, and pest infestations.

Properly preparing the soil with aeration and creating the right pH (generally between 6 and 7.5 for new turf) alongside nutrient dense fertilizer is vital for the new turf roots to grow strong. Our relationship with our sod supplier gives us a great price for top quality sod.

We come with all our owns top of the line equipment such as a sod cutter, rototiller, and iron knife. This streamlines the process so it is completed safely and efficiently. After care for your new turf is just as important as the installation. We offer specific directions and assistance as needed to make sure your new lawn stays healthy and green.

Northern Virginia Landscaping takes pride in providing unmatched service and communication through each step of the process. Our clients know what to expect with no hidden fees.


We can plant vibrant, high quality flowers, shrubs, and trees to give your yard more shade and less visibility from the neighbors.

Planting can be an arduous and time-consuming process that involves picking the right plants to knowing the right amount of sun and fertilizing mix that will help those plants thrive.

With years of hands on training, our team takes pride in working with homeowners on planting solutions that reflect your vision while providing opportune conditions for plants to thrive.

Whether you have specific flowers, shrubs, or trees in mind or need some advising, our specialists can help design and implement what best suites your lawn design. Finding the right combination of plant color, size, and texture is one of our passions as designers.

We can create a planting plan with you to keep your landscape looking beautiful year-round. Often we use a mix of perennials and annuals to create a variety of colors over the varying seasons.

Improve your landscape with Northern Virginia Landscaping planting services.



Softscapes include the “living elements” of your landscape design including, but not limited to: flower gardens, mulching, grass, ivy, and ground covers. Alongside beauty, softscapes are essential for preventing erosion, improving air quality, and providing shade that can reduce energy bills.

Designing a landscape is not simply putting foliage together; it is the creation of a masterpiece that you enjoy looking at each and every day. We have experienced designers with a wealth of knowledge of what options will provide you with the least maintenance, most benefits, and design of your dreams.

Depend on Northern Virginia Landscapers, local Class A (RBC) contractors, unmatched in service and quality.



We can give your landscape clean edges and an amazing appearance. Our mulching process will conserve moisture, reduce weed growth, and improve the fertility and health of your soil.

With so many different mulching options, it can be a challenge to find the right mulch to fit your landscape and best support your plants’ health.  There are several mulch varieties to choose from. Consider Cocoa mulch made form cocoa bean hulls that gives off a pleasant chocolatey smell and adds a dark contrast. The popular Cedar and cypress mulch can help ward off insect pests that may harm your flowers and trees. Special mulch mixes give just the right balance of beneficial nutrients and lasting quality to give you the best value for your investment.

In addition to initial mulching advising and placement, we also offer re-mulching and mulch edging to keep your landscape looking pristine.

Mulling over how much and the best mulch to buy? Let’s go over your mulching options together.