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Flagstone Walkway Crystal City VA

Crystal City Virginia Flagstone Walkway Design and Installation

When you imagine your dream home, do you picture a beautifully designed yard? Maybe you see lush green grass, carefully laid mulch for a garden, and a walkway weaving through the yard. Walkways are an easy and stylish way to extend passage through or around your yard and can be placed in countless arrangements and patterns.

When it’s time for your next landscaping project and you want to add walkways to your yard, consider choosing flagstone. Designed to look like several stones put together, flagstone is a beautiful and durable material that adds a sense of elegance to any backyard.

Northern Virginia Landscaping can make your landscaping vision come to life by designing and installing the perfect flagstone walkway in your yard. Our team members are knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated to your satisfaction.

The Benefits of Flagstone Walkways

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of flagstone is its beauty. It looks like natural stone, which can give your yard a simple, old-fashioned charm. Northern Virginia Landscaping has a wide variety of flagstone styles and colors available, leaving you with so many great options to design your walkways and transform your outdoor space.

The benefits of flagstone also extend past its appearance. Flagstone has high density, which makes it more durable for all kinds of weather and activity. It won’t be damaged by children playing or heavy foot traffic. Flagstone will still look new for years to come, making it a great option for your yard’s walkways.

Flagstone also doesn’t require a lot of cleaning or maintenance. This will leave you and your family with plenty of freedom to enjoy your outdoor space without worrying about upkeep for your walkways. With its non-slip surface, flagstone is also very safe, making it a good material for the walkway leading to your outdoor pool.

Crystal City Virginia Flagstone Walkway Design and Installation

Northern Virginia Landscaping can help you design your flagstone walkways with a clear visual plan before starting work in your yard. We can help you choose a walkway design that will complement the rest of your yard’s features, and vice versa. Whether you want straight walkways that cut through your yard or curving, winding walkways that curl around your yard’s edge, we can help make your landscaping dream a reality.

Our experts take care during the installation process to ensure that your flagstone walkway is placed flat, without gaps or unevenness that could result in injury. Our team members have years of experience and understand the entire flagstone walkway design and installation process, from picking your design to helping you budget your project and completing installation. We have a passion for creating gorgeous yards, and use this passion in every flagstone walkway installation we complete.

Why Northern Virginia Landscaping?

We are proud to serve the vibrant Crystal City Virginia area. We are dedicated to Keeping Crystal City Virginia Scenic and we long to bring as much beauty to this urban area as possible. Our customer orientation, attention to detail, and love of what we do make us stand out from other Crystal City Virginia landscape design companies. When you have a landscaping project and want the best results, trust Northern Virginia Landscaping. Contact us at (703) 982-0100 to start your landscaping project today!


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We provide a precise timeline for your project’s completion, and if we don’t meet it – we’ll reimburse you $250 each day past the deadline. This is just another way we are committed to your satisfaction every step of the way.

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