Drainage & Grading


Creating and maintaining proper drainage is a common issue with the hills and valleys of Northern Virginia. It can be frustrating having to mow a lawn that is still muddy days after a downpour or watch trees keel over and eventually die from saturated roots and erosion. Standing water is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitos.

Here at Northern Virginia Landscaping, we have transformed swampy yards to beautiful havens that extend your living space. You can expect us to fix the problem and create a clean finish.

If water is leaking into your basement fixing the problem right away can prevent damage and mold growth. Some common drainage solutions include installing French Channel drains or extending and burying drain spouts away from the house. Retainer walls, dry river beds, and proper grading of drainage channels to a catch basin or gate are all options available depending on what best suits your yard layout.

We’ll get water to go where it’s meant to go; away from your home instead of creating unwanted leaks and pooling.

Drainage & Grading
Drainage & Grading


Grading is essential for creating a landscape that does not drain essential nutrients or chemicals to your city’s water system or the ocean. Grading done right prevents unwanted water run-off, keeps the oceans clean, and reduces erosion.

With tools to measure the exact slope needed, we can create channels that will catch draining water from your garden. The water will be able to absorb back into the earth instead of overflowing into unwanted areas of your yard.

Before building any type of patio or hardscape, grading is important to make sure it is level and water will drain off efficiently.

Northern Virginia Contractors are Class A (RBC) certified and insured contractors. Trust us to take care of your grading and resloping needs.

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