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What’s the Difference Between Hardscape and Softscape?

The difference between hardscape and softscape surfaces is as simple as the difference between city and country–one is built and the other is grown. But landscapers blend them to create distinct hardscape installations, which homeowners can use for entertaining, spending

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Must-Have Hardscape Features For Summer 2021

Summer is a great season to spend time outdoors if you have your landscape set up properly. Numerous features could make your backyard a perfect spot for cookouts, barbeques, dinner parties, or all-day hangouts with family and friends. For proper

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5 Garden Landscaping Ideas for Your Yard

As the summer begins, consider what changes you’d like to make in your landscape. No matter what you choose, seek the assistance of a professional garden landscaping company. They can provide you with the full extent of design choices and

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Elements of Excellent Garden Design

Understanding the basic elements that all gardens share is important to creating a functional garden design. These include structural components like large plants, hardscape features, ornamental centerpieces, color design, ambient sound, and contrasting texture. Additionally, you must know how to

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Landscaping Tips for More Shade

Everyone enjoys sitting in the shade during a hot day, but they may not realize that maximizing their yard’s shade benefits their personal comfort and energy savings. Even the U.S. Department of Energy notes that adding outdoor shade allows homeowners

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5 Tips to Achieve a Sustainable Softscape

Over the past few years, like engineers and energy producers, professional landscapers and gardeners have grown increasingly interested in sustainability. They have found that several measures – including planting local species, conserving water, and mulching – can improve your landscape’s

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How to Start an Edible Garden

Growing edible produce in your garden can help you to eat healthier, save money on groceries, and improve the look and feel of your home’s landscape. Plus, starting one is as easy as placing a raised planter or pot outside.

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Does Your Home Have Poor Drainage?

A poor drainage system can leave many warning signs around your home, like moisture stains on your basement walls, cracks in your foundation, or pools of water near the perimeter of your home. Thus, it’s essential to be mindful and

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