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3 Drainage Benefits

Proper landscaping maintenance—including drainage installation—is critical for a property’s appearance and health. A suitable drainage system can prevent soil erosion, control water runoff, and promote healthy plant growth. Furthermore, adequate drainage can prevent water from pooling and causing damage to

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How to Prepare Your Landscape for Spring

Springtime is often long-awaited as people experience warm temperatures again and spend increasing time outside. Trees grow leaves, flowers bloom, and new wildlife inhabits landscapes. Yet this period also calls for annual landscape maintenance tasks from homeowners who wish to

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Pollinator Friendly Plants in Spring and Summer

For those of us who enjoy the buzz and movement from birds, butterflies, and bees, attracting these flying creatures to your landscape can be a breeze with the right plants. If you welcome natures pollinators, plant these flowering annuals and

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What is Hardscaping?

Landscaping is integral to keeping your yard robust and lush, yet many homeowners give hardscaping little thought. Hardscaping installation can improve your home just as much as enhanced lawn slopes, trees, and shrubs. Studying hardscape types and their benefits can

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4 Patio Design Elements to Consider for 2023

It’s a new year, so why not consider a new patio design? Spring is the time to prepare your backyard—restore your patio, plant new trees, or finally install that walkway you’ve always wanted—for hosting guests. Backyard dining, group get-togethers, and

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Design Your Driveway & Come Home to a New View

Most new homeowners settle for the generic driveway provided by their builders or accept the driveway previous homeowners installed. However, if you are not a fan of the bland or crumbling concrete slab and prefer to invest in your property

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Drainage & Grading

What You Should Know About Landscape Drainage

If you notice that your yard undergoes a dramatic transformation during significant rainstorms, it might have drainage problems. Perhaps water and mud collect in it during storms, or run-off from neighboring properties tends to run into your landscape. Beyond the

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Top Environmentally Friendly Landscape Features

Despite what others may argue, no one-size-fits-all method exists for sustainable landscaping. The “traditional” approach revolved around making a yard cosmetically pleasing. However, contemporary landscaping goes far beyond an immediate-use design. Many homeowners wish to work with nature rather than

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