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Keep Pollinators Safe: 3 Practices to Use in Your Yard

Despite their crucial role in ecological interactions and environmental health, pollinators continue to be endangered due to habitat loss, climate change, and pesticides. Fortunately, your landscape can help preserve local pollinators by incorporating the right plants, avoiding pesticides, and providing

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What Are Retaining Walls?

A landscape staple with equally useful and tasteful design elements, retaining walls offer erosion control, layout optimization, and design structure to the everyday landscape. Nevertheless, their complexity requires that homeowners turn to a local landscape designer for hardscape installation service.

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Drainage Solutions: Prep Your Home for the Rainy Season

Virginia sees most of its annual rain between March and November. During this time, your home’s drainage mechanisms will be tested by daily (or near-daily) rain showers and thunderstorms. Yet installing gutters and downspouts, French drains, retaining walls, or a

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3 Sustainable Landscaping Resolutions for 2022

Like many homeowners, you may think about how your landscaping practices impact the local environment. Believe it or not, the difference between unsound practices and professional, sustainable landscaping comes down to a few good choices regarding materials and methods. Specifically,

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Trending Popular Landscape Design Ideas

Owning a home often entails searching for ways to improve the property and make your space appealing and functional. If you own a home and feel at a loss for ideas, take a look at the rising landscape design trends

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4 Reasons You May Need to Remove a Tree

A healthy, well-positioned tree can be a beautiful feature on your property. However, for one of several reasons, some trees call for removal. You may find it an undesirable species, a danger to the surroundings, or an obstruction to your

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4 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Patio

Creating privacy, adding color, and opening up space can transform your patio into an ideal spot for friends and family to spend time. Moreover, you can choose to carry out these upgrades by rebuilding the space from scratch or modifying

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Is Hiring a Landscaper Worth It?

Achieving your dream yard and landscape requires time and skill. Depending on your needs and budget, hiring a landscaper may save you time, money, and additional labor on maintenance. To determine whether you should hire an expert garden landscaping company,

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