Rethinking the Traditional Grass Lawn

It’s what everyone imagines: a perfectly manicured lawn with lush green grass and not a weed in sight. Yet despite the allure of clean-cut grass, homeowners should also consider alternative  options. Meadows, pollinator gardens, native forests, or alternative groundcovers can furnish eco-friendly lawn care practices, replacing those of perfect-looking yet harmful grass lawns.

The classic, verdant yard requires potentially destructive lawn care practices. For example, fertilizers and herbicides can easily wash away in run-off when applied in excess or at inappropriate times. Potential environmental impacts include the pollution of nearby streams, rivers, and the local watershed. Additionally, the chemical drift of herbicides and pesticides can decimate local insect and plant populations. Finally, maintaining grass requires lots of water, and automated irrigation systems often waste this precious resource.


Yet sustainable practices are gaining popularity as property owners ditch artificially green lawns and embrace naturally beautiful meadows, prairies, and forests. These alternative lawn ideas are gaining traction despite the complexity of establishing naturalized plant habitats. Fortunately, the Northern Virginia Landscaping team can reimagine and create visual interest in your yard while caring for the surrounding environment. Call (703) 982-0100 and let our landscapers help you rethink your lawn!

Build The Yard You've Always Wanted

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