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Pea Gravel

A Guide For Sustainable Hardscapes

While most homeowners imagine vibrant flower beds, a lush lawn, and trimmed shrubbery when they consider landscaping projects, hardscaping can also greatly enhance the beauty and usability of your backyard. When implementing man-made elements in your outdoor space, however, it’s

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Hand in Plant

4 Types of Conservation Assistance (CAP) Projects

Sustainability has become an important concept, creating trends in various types of products, home design, as well as in landscaping. In fact, increasing sustainable landscaping among residents within Northern Virginia has become a key objective of the Northern Virginia Soil

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Permeable Paver

Hardscapes that Help Sustain the Environment

With a heightened awareness of climate change, many people are taking necessary steps to conserve the environment both in and outside of their home. When it comes to your backyard, there are a variety of ways to practice sustainability. Beyond

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Landscaping with Gazebo & Patio

5 Best Practices for a Water-Conscious Garden

Sustainability is a rising trend among gardeners and landscaping professionals. One of the major ways they contribute to promoting this concept is by focusing on using the least amount of water possible while maintaining an abundant healthy landscape. There are

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Sustainable Backyard Landscape Design Tips

Updating your landscape into one that’s more environmentally-friendly  is a trending backyard landscaping feature that’s growing in popularity. More people are becoming conscious about their home improvement decisions to better their way of life rather than compromise it and the

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