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9 Modern Patio Design Features

Whether you live in an old or a new home, you probably want it to look fresh and up-to-date. That’s why we all spend time and money not only painting and cleaning our houses but also planting and pruning our

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Person's hand holding green leaf plant

Eco-Friendly Hardscape Solutions

The increased focus on environmental protection and sustainability has produced a new challenge: making our homes’ living spaces greener. Fortunately, landscaping experts have met this challenge and offer new ways to build sustainably in your backyard. At Northern Virginia Landscaping,

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Birch Tree

The Best Plants For Your Winter Landscape

Winter’s cold bite and frosty mornings seem to discourage landscaping activities. And you may struggle to imagine plants taking root or flourishing in such conditions. Nevertheless, certain varieties can make it through bitter days while still adding life to your

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Winter Patio

Patio Ideas for Colder Weather

Three years ago, Realtor Magazine reported a rise in demand for homes with patios, which surprised landscapers. Didn’t everyone already know the value of patios? These neat outdoor spaces give homeowners a convenient place to relax in the fresh air.

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Hardscaping Firepit

Hardscape Features Perfect for Fall & Winter Comfort

This past year, a growing number of homeowners have strived to achieve maximum home comfort in their outdoor living spaces. The coronavirus’ restrictions have surged a greater demand for outdoor living spaces. Improving your backyard will allow you to connect

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The Benefits of Sustainable Drainage Installations

For years, drainage systems have been essential to sustaining our environment, including our homes, workplaces, and areas where we take time off to relax. However, if these spaces don’t have proper drainage systems, then they can look swampy and become

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