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How to Choose a Patio for Your Home

Patios are a practical addition to nearly any landscape design. They provide a flat surface for comfortable leisure—fundamental to outdoor living. Plus, given the diversity of eco-friendly materials available, you can create a non-harmful design that accommodates your lifestyle. Then,

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5 Ways You Can Help Support Pollinators

May 22nd is the International Day for Biological Diversity! This moment offers a great opportunity to learn how you can support one of the most critical yet endangered segments of our biosphere: pollinators. Although pollinator conservation involves the whole world,

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Stone Path

3 Reasons You Need a Dry River Bed

When you consider design options for your landscape, a river bed addition is probably for from the first thing that comes to mind. Nevertheless, dry river beds can provide drainage, erosion control, and irrigation capabilities while also serving as a

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Shovel in Soil

7 Types of Mulch & Their Benefits

Given the overwhelming number of mulches available to home gardeners, how does one determine which type suits their landscape? Professionals divide mulch types into two major categories: organics and inorganics. Mulches in the former category decompose and add nutrients to

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