Author: Northern Virginia Landscaping

The Power of Boulders in the Landscape

Natural landscapes are captivating to nearly all people. What brings you to the outdoors? Perhaps being emersed in the beauty of the natural world provides us with a sense of wonder as we perceive the power of the landscape. Large

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Landscaping Photo 20

Rethinking the Traditional Grass Lawn

It’s what everyone imagines: a perfectly manicured lawn with lush green grass and not a weed in sight. Yet despite the allure of clean-cut grass, homeowners should also consider alternative  options. Meadows, pollinator gardens, native forests, or alternative groundcovers can

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Woodland Garden

Creating a Woodland Garden

Seeking refuge from the hustle and bustle of modern life? Would you prefer to hear bees buzz and birds sing instead of your cell phone’s chime? You can enjoy a natural retreat on your property with the help of Northern

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Mini Forest Grass Removal

Native Forests & Removing Grass From Your Property

The urban sprawl that comprises Northern Virginia residential areas are often planned with lawns and landscape ornamental plants from outside the eastern U.S. Although these plants with non-native origins may provide privacy and aesthetic appeal for the current generation, there

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