The Importance of Native Plants in Your Home’s Landscape and Garden

When designing a landscape or starting a garden, Northern Virginia homeowners are often quick to forgo native plant species in favor of non-native exotics. Some non-native plants may look stunning, but their value usually ends there. Native plants, however, provide practical, low-cost, and eco-friendly benefits that make them ideal for any home garden design.

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Below, we describe the importance of native plants:

Support Biodiversity

Native plants can be beautiful, as well as, play an indispensable role in the web of life. They are foundational to the well-being of all species—including humans—and without them, ecosystems suffer. During the spring, for instance, native wildflowers provide pollen and sometimes nectar to insects and birds and this helps facilitate pollination. Birds and other wildlife may also eat the fruit or nuts of native plants and deposit the seeds in other areas via digestion and excretion. When the seeds are deposited in nearby areas, they can grow and further provide food and shelter for even more wildlife. In the web of life, plants and animals have evolved over a great deal of time together and often form ymbiotic relationships which can be interrupted with unfamiliar or sterile cultivated species of unknown origin. Native wildlife relies on these naturally occurring plants to support their diet and go on to reproduce and become a part of the food chain of larger wildlife animal.

This delicate cycle is interdependent, with each component relying on the others. Non-native plants do not provide the same nutritional support and, therefore, cannot replace native plants in the food chain. In an era of widespread deforestation, local wildlife depends on you to increase their resources by adding native plants to your garden.

Gardens Reduce Pollution


In addition to their role in biodiversity, native flora mitigate carbon emissions. For example, native forests can help reduce the carbon footprint left by humans and add oxygen to the environment. In addition, native plants have less need for pesticides and fertilizers. Moreover, gardens of native plants are noticeably low-maintenance and will bloom and prosper without much need for interference. Planting natives can save money and reduce pollutants in your area.

Many Virginia Natives are Perennial

Native plants have adapted to flourish in your area’s natural climate. As a result, most native plants are perennial, meaning they come back every year. High winds, rainfall, and snow do not damper native species. Whether it’s stunning spring blooms, vibrant berries in the summer, or changing leaves in autumn, native plants provide a consistently better home garden.

Add Natural Beauty to your Gainesville, VA, Home Garden Design!

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