3 Advantages of Retaining Walls in Your Landscape

Usually, homeowners may consider their landscaping as an artistically designed arrangement of their property’s trees, plants, and grass. But there are other, non-organic components that serve their purpose, whether functional or aesthetic, such as a retaining wall. A retaining wall benefits your landscape by giving your landscape both structural protection and a pleasant appearance.

If you are considering getting a quality retaining wall installation in your landscape in Northern VA, ask a professional like Northern Virginia Landscaping to provide you with a variety of design choices and an efficient construction process. Here are three of the major advantages your landscape will achieve with a professionally installed retaining wall:

Maintain Stability

This is specifically the case if your property stands on the side of a hill or features small hills in key areas near your home. A retaining wall keeps soil in place and prevents landslides from suddenly occurring. It also helps level-off the ground surrounding your home, as it provides a flat, stable area for your landscape and home to stand on.

Erosion Protection

A retaining wall also provides protection against the effects of inclement weather. During heavy rains, it decreases the amount of surface runoff by leveling out the ground and reducing the speed of the water’s flow. This function also makes retaining walls useful for sufficient flood and water control.

Enhanced Home Aesthetic

A set of retaining walls can also provide a terraced space for you to make new additions to your landscape, such as an attractive patio or garden. You can also make design choices such as creating a curved or straight-sided wall as well as choosing the quality and appearance of the materials used to build it. This will turn your walls into an aesthetically pleasing and functional aspect of your landscape.

Build a Charming, Strong Retaining Wall with Northern Virginia Landscaping

Building a retaining wall can be an excellent addition to your landscape, and with an expert landscaping service like Northern Virginia Landscaping, you will have strong, long-lasting retaining walls that will protect your home and landscape from flooding and erosion.

At Northern Virginia Landscaping, we take into account every detail of our clients’ property and preferences to further extend the beauty of their home. Our services not only include constructing retaining walls, but hardscape additions including patios and decks. We even offer softscape services such as sod installation, and planting of shrubs, trees, and flowers.

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