How to Save Water in Your Landscape


Protecting your landscape and saving water is incredibly important to conserving energy and maintaining a healthy landscape. Within the hills and valleys of Gainesville, VA, Northern Virginia Landscaping can help you create and maintain proper drainage in your garden landscape to ensure your softscapes and hardscapes maintain their integrity and beauty. Whether you’re in need of drainage assistance or eco-friendly garden landscaping, our team can help you put together a custom design that suits your needs best and benefits the environment.

Here are a few water conservation tips you can keep in mind before you begin work on your landscaping project:

Avoid Overwatering

Overwatering your landscape can be harmful to your plants and the environment. Not only does it waste water, but it may also damage your plants by causing too much stress on their root systems. When plants are overwatered, they attempt to draw more oxygen from the soil, but how can they do this if your landscape’s waterlogged?

Plants are often overwatered because of a landscape’s soil structure, which may be compacted with clay, or they may be placed wrong in your landscape. Our skilled team can help you improve the soil within your landscape and properly place your plants to ensure they’re thriving day to day.

Plant Selection

Consulting with your local landscape professionals for planting advice will save you more time and effort in the long run, as you won’t need to research and risk improper placement or poor planting selections. Consider choosing native plants that thrive in Northern Virginia, as they’ve already adapted to the soil, temperatures, and rainfall in the area.

Rain Barrels

Rain barrels collect roof runoff and are a great home irrigation system integration. Depending on the area you live in, adding a rain barrel to your landscape may offer you incentives while helping you conserve more water.

Smart Irrigation System

Moving into the technological age, smart irrigation is a pricy, but effective way to conserve water. With this system, you can control how much water is being used for your yard. If you have a tight schedule already, then this may be a valuable investment for you as you can have more control over your smart irrigation system even when you’re away from home.

Automatic Rain Shut-off Switch

The easiest and most efficient way to conserve water is an automatic rain shut-off switch, also known as a ‘rain sensor’. With a rain sensor, your sprinkler system will shut off automatically when enough rain has fallen, which will keep it from overwatering your yard. You can set it at a specific amount of water, and after it reaches that amount, it will turn off.

Scenic & Eco-friendly Garden Landscaping in Gainesville, VA!

Transforming your Gainesville home garden landscape into a more eco-friendly and efficient design can be challenging, but consider consulting with Northern Virginia Landscaping to make it simple. As a professional landscaping company, it’s our responsibility to help you and our environment by providing the necessary information and services you need to create your own unique landscape design.

Consult with our garden landscaping experts at (703) 982-0100, or fill out our form, to see how we can assist you with your next project!

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