3 Advantages of Sodding Your Lawn

Do you go green with envy over other people’s yards? Maybe you recently moved into a new home with a lawn of weeds. Or perhaps you’ve tried and failed to grow a proper yard for years. So now you wonder: how do the neighbors get verdant yards every year? How can I get the same look?

As it turns out, your local landscapers at Northern Virginia Landscaping have just the thing. If you want a thriving yard, reach out to us and ask about our professional sod installation. Locals and new residents in Alexandria and throughout Northern Virginia have appreciated our quick and effective treatment of their yards. Now, we can help you find the right type of sod to fit your yard. We’re happy to install it in a few rough patches or across your entire lawn space. And with our years of experience, we ensure that it’s installed correctly the first time.

Below, we discuss why sod is a practical choice and the perks it offers:

Quick Installation

Sod is made of mature grass and a layer of soil, which are held together by the grass’ roots and/or some netting. Farmers grow sod; when it’s fully matured, they roll it up for transportation. This is how we end up with the unique look of rolled sod.

Its most immediate benefit is its instant results. While grass seed may come at a lower price than sod, it requires months of care to show results. Sod will look lush and well-kept on the day it first appears.

Also, our landscapers can install sod at almost any point in grass’s growing season. This gives you the flexibility to plan our services around your calendar. However, we suggest that you schedule our visit during the peak growth point for the grass you’ve ordered.

This brings us to the third point: options. With several kinds of grass to choose from, you can choose what suits you best. When scheduling and planning your project, our landscapers can recommend one that would fit your space.

Straightforward Care

Another advantage that sod holds over grass seed is its ease of care. One must plant and fertilize grass seed at specific times, then replenish it annually. Sod, however, is simply rolled out and arranged carefully.

That being said, our certified landscapers should install the sod for you. If installed improperly, sod may fail to take root, leave visible seams, and leave a disappointing yard. You can avoid these outcomes by letting experts handle the installation.

Once installed, your sod will need about two or three weeks to get rooted in the ground. During that time, avoid disturbing it. After the initial growth period, though, your sod lawn can handle a full family’s daily traffic.

Long-Term Benefits

Sod provides more than an instantly lush lawn. In the long run, its benefits create a safe and lively outdoor space.

First, sod protects soil from erosion. It acts as a blanket over the ground when first installed, but its roots grow into the soil over time and hold it in place. Plus, sod creates a denser, lusher yard than grass seed does.

What’s more, properly certified sod has very few or no weeds. It also out-competes weeds’ seeds to prevent their growth from the get-go, filling the space with finely-grown grass. Thus, you needn’t worry about ending up with a yard overrun by crabgrass.

Expert Landscaping Services and Sod Installation in Alexandria, VA

It’s time that you enjoy a great yard of your own. Enliven your outdoor space with professional sod installation from Northern Virginia Landscaping. Clients in Alexandria and across Northern Virginia call us for landscape, hardscape, and drainage projects. See what our experienced team can do for you. To learn more, call us at (703) 982-0100 or fill out our online form today!

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