5 Garden Landscaping Ideas for Your Yard

As the summer begins, consider what changes you’d like to make in your landscape. No matter what you choose, seek the assistance of a professional garden landscaping company. They can provide you with the full extent of design choices and features to choose from. Plus, they can help you design and construct every bit of hardscape so you have the precise outdoor living space you desire.

For one of the best landscaping companies in the Northern VA region, turn to Northern Virginia Landscaping. We’ve served hundreds of clients with excellent garden landscaping and hardscape construction. Our team also has experience in softscape arrangement, as each member is trained in arboriculture, botany, and horticulture. We bring all our knowledge to bear on every job.

Below, we list a few great ideas to consider putting in your garden landscape:

Outlining Hedges

First, you could outline separate spaces within your garden using low-height hedges. Section off different areas based on their different purposes: one for growing vegetables, another for flowers, and a patio area for lounging or dining. When cut and trimmed well, these hedges make your garden look streamlined, clean, and elegant.

Towering Cypress Trees

Next, you might like to incorporate several towering cypress trees. These not only add a Mediterranean flavor to your garden but also dampen loud noises. You need not fear annoying your neighbors.

Cypress trees can also provide your backyard with greater privacy, which many prefer when spending time with family and friends.

Flower Walkway Borders

Also, consider adding rows of flowers on the borders of your walkways. Similar to outlining hedges, they define the walkway’s borders as well as lead eyes in the direction that you want guests or family to travel.

In addition to its function, it can also be a unique and beautiful feature to include in your garden landscape.

Plant-Shaded Pergola

Any garden landscape would welcome a shaded sitting area, such as a patio underneath a pergola and overgrown with hanging plants or creeping vines. Though tending to the high plant growth may be difficult, it offers splendid, natural shade.

Plus, pergolas create excellent entertainment spaces for outdoor dinners and garden parties.

Multiple Levels

Finally, while this is a difficult one to execute, having multiple levels makes for truly unique garden spaces. They are best used for townhouses, as they usually have small backyards but high access points and plenty of vertical free space leading up to them.

The levels are made using various raised decks or terraces, paired with several sets of stairs leading to the lowest point in your yard. Each level can be used for different purposes—one for gardening, another for sitting, and another for cooking outdoors.

This allows homeowners with space limitations to get the most out of the space that they have.

Northern Virginia Landscaping: Best Garden Landscaping Company in Northern VA

Those are just some of the different ideas you can add to your garden landscape this summer. Some can be done yourself, while others may require assistance from a professional like those we provide at Northern Virginia Landscaping. We are a top-notch garden landscaping company that has served residents and businesses across Northern VA for many years. Our team has performed numerous hardscape construction and softscape arrangement projects, as well as drainage installations. Hire us and you’ll have a lasting landscape to call your own. Contact us at (703) 982-0100 to learn more and discuss how we can help with our professional garden landscaping services today!

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