Choosing the Right Trees for Your Landscape


While we are currently acclimated to the winter weather, we should begin preparing our yards for spring. During winter, we often forget to maintain our gardens and yards. Sprinkler systems are often shut off for the season, so regular landscape maintenance may slip our mind. Planning early for the warmer season will help pave way to a beautiful and healthier landscape. If you’re looking to enhance the beauty of your landscape for spring, there’s no better way to do so than planting a tree.

Planting a tree offers many benefits to your yard, your health, and the environment. Trees are extremely important to creating a healthy environment, as they give off oxygen that allows us to breathe and also improve air quality. In addition to that, trees are home to many different animals, like squirrels and birds. They can provide food and protection for these animals for years. Aside from it’s great environmental benefits, it can also prove beneficial to you directly. The value of a well-landscaped home with healthy, mature trees can be as much as 10% higher than a similar home with little-to-no landscaping. You may be thinking “how do I know what kind of tree is best for my landscape?” Our team at Northern Virginia Landscaping can help you decide which trees and plants are right for you with our expert front yard landscaping services in Clifton, VA.

Considerations Before Planting Your Tree

Before we begin discussing the different types of trees to place in your front yard, we must take into account the different factors a tree plays on your landscape. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Growth Rate of Your Tree: How long will your tree take to reach its full height?
  • Height: What is the maximum height your tree can get to?
  • Canopy Spread: How wide will the tree be at full growth?
  • Type of Soil 
  • Will the tree lose its leaves in the winter? (deciduous or evergreen?)
  • Hardiness zone: The standard by which gardeners and growers can determine which plants are most likely to thrive at a location

Once all of these factors are considered for your tree, you can now find which one works best for your landscape.

Which tree is best for my landscape?

The type of tree you decide to choose for your landscape really depends on the purpose. What is your main goal for this tree? Are you planting it to increase value? Are you adding it for privacy? Here are a few ideas:

The Weeping Cherry Tree

The Weeping Cherry Tree is a beautiful tree, especially for the spring season. It is mainly used for aesthetic purposes and has been cultivated in Japan for centuries. If you have a smaller yard, these trees also come dwarf-sized, making it a great feature for a small area. If you aren’t concerned with the size, the large trees also offer shade from the hot summer sun.

Flowering Dogwood Tree

The Flowering Dogwood Tree is a perfect tree for all four seasons and has become a favorite in many gardens and yards. Not only is this an aesthetically-pleasing option, it also provides enough space for privacy if placed directly in front of your home.

Japanese Maple Tree

The Japanese Maple Tree offers a blend of privacy, aesthetics, and shade, making it a wonderful tree to have in your front yard, especially if your hardiness zone allows for it.

Choose Northern VA Landscaping For Your Front Yard Landscaping Project in Clifton, Virginia

No matter how you choose to transform your yard this winter season, choose Northern Virginia Landscaping for a personalized front yard landscaping project. We are a full-service residential and commercial landscaping business that believes in listening to our customers and pleasing them with our landscape design experience. Rely on us to be the best team for your tree planting needs. Contact us at (703) 982-0100 for your next upcoming landscape system.

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