How to Make Your Garden More Eco-Friendly


Across our country, homeowners struggle to cultivate beautiful landscapes through sustainable practices. Do you have to sacrifice nature’s health for a well-kept landscape? Or can you create a charming outdoor space that also supports your community’s environment?

At Northern Virginia Landscaping, we create exquisite outdoor spaces through eco-friendly methods. Our team handles all the steps of landscaping (including cleanup, removal, installation, and planting), which allows us to produce unified designs. Our renowned garden landscaping work in Middleburg can be found throughout Northern Virginia.

Here, we discuss how to make your garden an alluring and environmentally-friendly piece of landscaping:

Incorporate Local Plants and Natural Features

Exotic plants can be exciting features in one’s garden. However, non-native species may require an expensive fertilizer or chemical pesticide. They can also drive away the natural wildlife.

Gardening experts have written on the benefits of growing local plants in your garden. They help to preserve your region’s natural biodiversity and can thrive without an expensive fertilizer or pesticide. Native plants also support local wildlife by recreating their natural environment.

When creating your home’s softscapes, our design team can incorporate the native trees and natural features that are common in our area. Those materials are native to our specific region, support the wildlife around your home, and help prevent erosion from runoff.

Choose Permeable Hardscapes

While softscapes include all the foliage and living elements of your outdoor space, hardscapes consist of patios, walking paths, driveways, and other non-natural surfaces. Many people appreciate the durability of a paved driveway or design of a brick patio, and those features certainly offer benefits. However, as non-permeable surfaces, water may pool on them.

By installing paving stones or a permeable hardscape, you can avoid that drawback. As the name implies, a permeable hardscape allows water to seep through it and drain into the ground beneath (while paving stones can be spaced out to give water draining space).

Beyond that benefit, permeable surfaces can also reduce the pollutants present in water runoff and, with a proper system, allow you to collect rainwater for your own use.

Proper Drainage and Grading

Given the right knowledge, you can choose eco-friendly plants and hardscapes. But your choices extend beyond just these conspicuous features. With proper planning and design, your property’s physical design can support a healthier environment too.

The physical design of your outdoor space can promote runoff drainage, which in turn supports the natural cycle of water. Our drainage & grading services ensure that your yard does not collect standing water. Plus, by designing your landscape to direct water away from your structure, we prevent basement/crawl space flooding and moisture damage.

Work With Professional Garden Landscapers in Middleburg, VA!

Whatever it requires, Northern Virginia Landscaping can make your dream garden a reality. Our award-winning garden landscaping work can be seen around Middleburg and all of Northern Virginia. We value environmentally-friendly landscapes and aim to complete projects fitting that mold. Contact us today at (703) 982-0100 and tell us about the landscape that you’re dreaming of.

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