5 Kinds of Plants You Should Grow in Your Yard This Fall

With summer’s heat now passed, your backyard landscaping ideas can come to fruition. Autumn is an excellent time to plant certain flowers, trees, and more because it brings ample rainfall while the earth retains the summer sun’s warmth. These circumstances allow new plants to grow healthy roots before winter sets in, allowing you to look forward to a lush spring.

Homeowners in and around Great Falls, VA, can turn to Northern Virginia Landscaping for all their fall planting needs. We are the region’s top provider of landscape and hardscape design and installation as well as drainage and grading services. Moreover, the professionals on our team hold certifications in horticulture, botany, biology, and/or arboriculture to better help our clients. We offer full-service residential and commercial options—reach out to us today and tell us about your project.

Below, we list and discuss the best plants to add to your yard this fall:

Spring Bulbs

Spring Bulbs

We’ve previously examined the trees and shrubs best suited for winter weather—but what about flowers? While a few flower species blossom during winter, we suggest that you explore spring-blooming bulbs, such as hyacinths and tulips. These varieties require a period of cool weather before blooming, so fall planting sets them up for all the conditions they require.

Diverse size and color options exist, so speak to our professionals about which would best suit your garden. Plus, if you’ve noticed deer and other visitors on your property, we can help you pick species that wildlife won’t munch on.


Pansies and Violas

The pansy–and its relative the viola–is a flower that blooms in the winter and the spring. As long as the plant has time to establish roots in the warm fall, it can survive cool temperatures and provide some much-needed brilliance to a winter landscape.

After planting, wait for winter’s first big freeze then add a thick layer of mulch around your new pansies or violas. This protects them from the thawing and freezing cycles, which can push new flowers from the ground. Also, consider using these species as colorful borders to backyard walkways.

Turf Grass

Turf Grass

You can add more than flowers to your landscape this autumn—why not get a verdant yard as well? Establishing new turf grass in the fall protects it from blazing summer heat and allows it to grow roots before winter’s chill. Plus, you could seed or lay sod for your new greenery.

The benefits of sodding your lawn make it an easy choice for our landscaping experts to recommend. We can install it quickly, rolling it out across your yard in an afternoon. Furthermore, caring for sod is straightforward—you need not worry about re-seeding or fertilizing it.

Trees & Sunlight

Trees and Shrubs

Many landscaping professionals recommend that trees be planted in the fall. Doing so provides the aforementioned advantages of ample rainfall, warm earth. On top of this, many trees need as much time as possible to grow strong roots before the summer heat.

However, as with the other kinds of plants on this list, certain tree species should be planted in the fall. These include the popular varieties ash, elm, maple, pine, spruce, and more.


Whether you want to add more perennials to a flower bed or plant your first few, fall is a great opportunity to do so. When watered properly, these plants grow strong roots and can last out a cold winter. Moreover, some varieties–including hostas and astilbe–can be divided and replanted.

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An ideal period of backyard landscaping planting is upon us now—your chance to add variety to your garden and yard. Seize the moment and call Northern Virginia Landscaping for help with all your landscaping needs in Great Falls, VA. We are the region’s provider of softscape and hardscape design and installation as well as drainage and grading services. Don’t let your landscaping ideas wither with the winter: call us today at (703) 982-0100 or fill out our online form for more information.

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