Softscapes: How Plantings Help Maintain the Environment

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Plants make your property look beautiful, but are you aware of the environmental benefits they provide? Plants provide oxygen and clean the air we breathe, purify water, regulate temperature, control erosion, and serve as habitat for wildlife. Plants are essential to the functioning of healthy home gardens and surrounding landscapes. As habitat loss increases, what we plant in our home gardens becomes more important. Creating sustainable residential gardens and landscapes can help offset the loss of critical wildlife habitat and protect natural environmental benefits.

Designing a landscape, or softscape, for your property is not simple, many factors go into what type of plants are best for your area. Creating a softscape is a daunting task, let the professionals at Northern Virginia Landscaping help you with your custom landscaping project in Sterling, VA. Northern Virginia Landscaping is a full-service residential and commercial landscaping business. We have experienced designers with a wealth of knowledge of what options will provide you with the least maintenance, most benefits, and design of your dreams. Below we provide the many reasons about how plants help maintain the environment:

Oxygen Provision

Photosynthesis is the process plants go through to make their food, and through this cycle they remove carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen. Without plants, humans and animals would have less fresh air to breathe.

Remove Carbon Dioxide

Climate change is a big issue in today’s world, there are high levels of carbon dioxide being produced every day by humans. Plants play a vital role in protecting the environment by cleansing the air and water from pollutants. They do this by absorbing, storing, and breaking down pollutants in the air and water for food.

Provide Habitats

Many animals and insects use plants as a home and form of protection from the elements and possible predators. Unfortunately, due to habitat loss, many species have become endangered or extinct.

Supplies Food

Plants play an essential role in feeding all the wildlife and humans on the planet by producing fruits and vegetables. They also produce many products that are vital to our lives such as cloth and oils.

Essential for Pollinators

Pollinators, like bees and butterflies, obtain food in the form of nectar and/or pollen from the flowers they visit. Over 80 percent of the world’s flowering plants require a pollinator to reproduce. Without pollinators, the human race and all of Earth’s terrestrial ecosystems would not survive. Around the world, pollinators are declining due to loss of habitat and improper use of pesticides, pollution, and invasive species.

Water Cycle Regulation

Implementing plantings in your landscape will help circulate the amount of water vapor in the air which allows for more water to be absorbed into the soil. They also prevent round-up and other pesticides from leaking into our water streams causing pollution.

Trust Northern Virginia Landscaping in Sterling, VA For Your Next Custom Landscaping Project

Let the professionals at Northern Virginia Landscaping help guide your custom landscaping project to create a beautiful and environmentally friendly landscape. At Northern Virginia Landscaping, our highly-certified team is dedicated to performing the best possible service for our customers.Our landscaping projects can bring harmony to your property through integration of patios, walkways and plantings that enhance the environment and function for your property. We will make a masterpiece for you to enjoy every day and will give you peace of mind knowing your landscape will help to sustain the environment.

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