What You Should Know About Landscape Drainage

If you notice that your yard undergoes a dramatic transformation during significant rainstorms, it might have drainage problems. Perhaps water and mud collect in it during storms, or run-off from neighboring properties tends to run into your landscape. Beyond the adverse effects on your yard, this water may also find its way into your home. For these issues, Northern Virginia Landscaping has professional grading and drainage services and solutions.

We are proud to service clients in Prince William County, as far as Nokesville, VA. Our team of trained and experienced professionals know the challenges that the hills and valleys of Northern Virginia present. We can diagnose and treat your yard with the care and attention it needs. If your property is more puddle than grass, contact us online or call (703) 982-0100 for a landscape consultation today.

Below, we define landscape drainage and offer a few drainage solutions:

What is Landscape Drainage?

Like all things on Earth, gravity determines water’s position. Thus, the purpose of landscape drainage is to use gravity to move water from unwanted areas, such as low-grade properties threatened by pooling. Landscapers can reshape land or install drains to guide water from precipitation and flooding to another location to dissipate.

In other words, landscapers use drainage methods for water to seep away from a property.

Landscape Drainage Solutions

French drains

French drains consist of a subterranean, perforated pipe wrapped in a porous fabric and covered with gravel or stone. The outer material allows water to pass easily yet blocks dirt and other particles that may clog the channel. These drains are usually built on downward slopes and empty into storm drains or locations otherwise able to accept water.

This solution is most appropriate to address excess groundwater from rain or melting ice and snow.

Channel drains

Composed of plastic, cement, and other sturdy materials, channel drains are commonly installed into pavement surfaces to mitigate pooling water. They are ideal for paved hardscapes that experience high traffic, like the driveway or patio. Moreover, they typically factor into an overarching drainage system, working with other drains and devices to disperse water efficiently.


Rather than adding artificial features to a landscape, grading adjusts the landscape itself. This process calls for heavy equipment to move significant amounts of earth on a property in such a way that run-off and precipitation seep away from any structures. Professionals can adjust virtually any property so that water moves toward a proper drainage location rather than pooling on ground surfaces. Moreover, Northern Virginia Landscaping possesses the equipment and expertise necessary to provide these services for our customers.

Expert Landscape Grading and Drainage in Nokesville, VA

Northern Virginia Landscaping has solutions for all landscape drainage issues you may encounter, even the seasonal flooding that Virginia receives. We offer Nokesville, VA, residents affordable landscape grading and drainage services to transform their backyards into lush outdoor spaces. Give us a call at (703) 982-0100 or contact us on our website for a landscaping consultation.

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