How to Incorporate Stairs & Walkways in Your Landscape

Landscaping can help define the character of your home or business. In the former case, it operates as an invitation—delivering the kind of beauty you and your home deserve.  In the latter, landscaping can contribute to the impression of a professional and polished organization. Either way, incorporating stairs or walkways can elevate your landscaping to the next level (sometimes literally). Seek hardscape installation services to learn more about installing steps and explore other outdoor options, such as patios and fire-pits.

Transform your yard into the go-to hangout spot with the help of Northern Virginia Landscaping’s professional team. Our training and experience allow us to deliver a great range of options to folks throughout Gainesville, VA. Customize your new stairs or walkway with the look and feel that you’ve always wanted for making that outdoor space feel welcoming. Indeed, previous clients rave about our high-quality work! Speak with a landscaping professional to get a sense of your options today.

Below, we outline some popular ideas for how to incorporate stairs and walkways into your landscape:

Make Way for Paths

Small, crumbling, and cracked yard walkways are more than an eyesore. They can also trip anyone who uses them while offering little protection for your well-maintained lawn.

Yet professional and experienced landscaping services can restore your deteriorating walkway and more: they can expand upon the original paths and create extra wide walkways. Homeowners are discovering that such passages not only make the outdoors more accessible but also add aesthetic appeal to the landscape of their homes.

Walkways also afford many options for layouts, patterns, and styles. For instance, property owners can choose from a variety of pavers, flagstone, brick, or another durable material—to create a unique and breathtaking landscape.

Create Borders

Walkways are a practical way to highlight a property line, lawn, or flower bed borders. But such boundaries can be beautiful, too! Using walkways as borders in your outdoor space can increase a home’s curb appeal.

These borders—perhaps with stairs between them—can distinguish the patio space from the play space, the pool area, or the grill spot. Speak with your landscape designers about how to play with borders and increase your backyard’s allure.

Incorporate Color

Who says you’re stuck with materials’ natural colors? Another popular walkway trend is the careful control of colors in construction materials. Whether you prefer natural white or painted stones, leveraging such shades can brighten a home or business’s lawn.

Create Multi-Level Outdoor Spaces

Many yards have landscaping levels. In other words, their outdoor space is organized into several distinct areas at different elevations. Such designs usually involve retaining walls, yet they incorporate stairs and walkways to accentuate and offer passage through the other sectors.

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