Trending Popular Landscape Design Ideas

Owning a home often entails searching for ways to improve the property and make your space appealing and functional. If you own a home and feel at a loss for ideas, take a look at the rising landscape design trends of 2022: jewel-toned gardens, native plants, and more. Moreover, you should hire a professional landscaping company to make your vision a reality.

Northern Virginia Landscaping’s trained landscape designers are committed to transforming properties throughout Crystal City, VA. We offer a variety of services, including landscape and hardscape design and installation as well as yard grading. Whether you need us to install sod or reinvigorate your garden, we’re happy to help. Schedule an appointment or contact us at (703) 982-0100.

Below, we discuss 2022’s trending landscape ideas and whether you should incorporate them into your design:

Rewilding and Planting Native Plants

By planting native species in your landscape, you can emphasize a region’s local beauty and incorporate plants suited to the natural conditions. Thanks to their evolutionary history, native plants require less maintenance than foreign ones.

Native plants also provide food and shelter for local wildlife. You can watch birds and other animal visitors visit your garden while reveling in the knowledge that you’re supporting the pollinators of our region.

Tapestry Lawns

A grass variety that requires little maintenance, turf grass can protect your lawn from the summer heat and grow roots quickly before a winter freeze. Seeding or laying sod promotes lush greenery as well. Our expert landscapers can quickly install sod by rolling it out in your yard. You won’t need to worry about re-seeding or fertilizing it!

Contemporary Soundscapes

Some common examples of calming soundscapes include birdbaths, water fountains, and ponds. Ambient sound transcends the benefits of visual beauty and adds elegance to your landscape. Soundscapes also attract wildlife, which you can watch and enjoy.

Natural Building Materials in Sustainable Front and Back Yards

Nowadays, many homeowners want to create sustainable landscapes that lessen their impact on the environment. If you wish to add a fire pit or patio, consider using sustainable hardscaping materials such as pea gravel, flagstone, and permeable pavers that let rainwater and runoff drain into the ground.

Using natural materials—such as stone—benefits the environment by preserving soil and plant life, conserving water, and limiting our use of artificial resources.

Edible Gardens

Growing an edible garden can give you a sense of satisfaction, promote healthy eating habits, and help you save money on groceries. As a bonus, such a garden can improve the appearance of your backyard landscape.

If you want raised planters or a sustainable softscape design, allow our team to execute your ideas with their skills and make your garden flourish.

Luxury Garden Hardscape Designs

Another popular trend is hardscaping. This practice involves using rocks, bricks, or other materials to create pathways, walls, and various structures in your yard. They not only look great but also establish defined spaces in your yard.

Additionally, your hardscape’s design can improve your property’s drainage. Hardscape features, like retaining walls, can also add seating and revamp the beauty of your landscape design.

Professional Landscaping Company Available Near Crystal City, VA

Enjoy your outdoor living space to the fullest by improving its look! Northern Virginia Landscaping can provide you not only a beautiful landscape but one that matches your lifestyle. Whether you wish to enhance your front or back yard, our professional landscape company can create a unique landscape that achieves your vision.

If you live in Crystal City, VA, let’s chat about your ideas. Call our landscape company at (703) 982-0100 to get started on your project today!

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